40 Slow Cooker Party Recipes Guaranteed to Wow

Slow cooker party recipes

If you’re looking for some appetizers for your next party, try these slow cooker party recipes! Crockpot foods aren’t just for dinner! They’re also amazing for snacks and super easy to make! The perfect cozy snack to share with guests!

Food appetizers for crockpot parties for a crowd? Yes, please!

If you’ve been on this blog, you know that my favorite words for anything home-related are “cheap” and “easy.” I’m always looking for a shortcut, a trick, a frugal alternative.

I’m a big fan of slow cooker recipes in general, and I love the idea of bringing or serving snacks at a party or gathering, but can I combine the two? Jackpot, everyone.

To help you on your way, I’ve put together all sorts of slow cooker recipes that would be perfect to serve as appetizers or snacks at a party. Overall, even when you’re transporting or serving it, it’s a “set it and forget it,” which is great for everyone, hosts and guests.

40 delicious party food recipes for a crowd collage

As you move up the list, you’ll see that these easy snacks are somewhat categorized


For example, there is a sauce category, where you will find different varieties of sauces with cheese and the like. You will see a category of dumplings, where there are several different types of meatballs you can make.

Each crockpot recipe, whether from its own category or one of a series, is a delicious choice. Some may even fall into the “dinner” category and can easily be served as a main course rather than the appetizer category, but are still suitable to serve as a small portion snack at a shared dinner or party.

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I’ve also included some sweet options that are borderline desserts, as well as some slow cooking drinks, which is also a wonderful addition. Overall, they are super easy recipes but they are special and will impress, for sure!

Whether you’re throwing a party for the big game or inviting all your friends to a Super Bowl party, or something a little fancier like a dinner or Christmas party, these appetizers will be a huge hit and devoured.

Best Crockpots

for Party Meals

If you are throwing a party and serving Crockpot

food or attending a party and bringing a plate of Crockpot, there are certain crockpots that are better than


Since other dishes will be served, it’s okay to make a smaller amount, which makes sense to do on a smaller Crockpot. This size is also easier to carry.

For a party, a 1.5-quart slow cooker or just a little bigger with a 2-quart slow cooker

will do the trick!

If you’re hose the party or have more than one Crockpot, consider using a slower, double-pot buffet kitchen that has 2 pots, or even a triple-pot buffet server with 3 slow cookers.

And don’t forget pot liners slow cook for easy cleaning!

40 Easy

Slow Cooker Recipes for a Party

Slow Cooker Party Recipes to Win

Any of these options would make a great appetizer. These easy recipes are sure to please you! Clay pot snacks are some of my favorites because they are so easy and can be stretched until now, making the wallet easier!

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If you make any of these dishes or use any of these ideas, I’d love to see them!

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