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Slow cooker pork belly recipe

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Delicious slices of slow-cooked pork belly in a sticky Chinese barbecue sauce. Perfect for an easy dinner in the slow cooker and the sauce is so good you’ll need some bread to clean it up.

If you’ve never cooked slow-cooked pork before, this is a simple beginner’s recipe that you can rinse and repeat with many different favorite marinades.

slow-cooker-pork-belly-slicesSlow Cooker Pork Belly
Slices Slow Cooker Belly Pork



the first time I

heard the words “belly pork” I was a kid watching Trading Places for the

first time. I thought pork with bacon

sounded so intriguing and it was many years before I tried pork

with bacon for the first time. I

tried it for the first time in Portugal at a Brazilian buffet,

and it was very good.

Then pork with bacon became something I would cook when it was in season and a special offer at the supermarket. It was a Portuguese supermarket and, like most Portuguese supermarkets, there was often more pork than any other meat.

When we return to the UK, we found a really delicious Brazilian restaurant and what they do is bring roasted Brazilian meats to their table and cut them on their table. As we have experienced in Portugal and Spain.

But the hero of all meats was pork with bacon and it was loaded in a honey barbecue sauce and was so tasty and melted in the mouth.

I had the idea

that the next time I saw some pork in a special offer, I would buy something and recreate slow-cooking belly pork in a similar way. New to

slow cooker?

simplify slow cooker

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Asda Products

Just Essentials

For something different at Recipe We’ve been testing the Just Essentials Asda range. Testing their products and making delicious recipes with them.

Today’s recipe for slices of slow-cooked pork belly

is used to make Asda’s

pork belly slices in their Just Essentials range.

I also managed to get the pork belly slices on a yellow sticker saving even more money.

Can you cook frozen pork belly?

Yes, You can cook frozen pork belly. But only if you are cooking pork belly in the instant pot or air fryer.

The pork belly in the slow cooker does not heat up enough to kill bacteria and does not reach the correct internal temperature.

Does pork belly become more tender the longer you cook it?

Yes, pork belly becomes more tender the longer you cook it. Just like slow cooker ribs when you cook them.


know some cooks will cook their pork belly until it falls off the bone to make it easier to eat, but I prefer it more tender and will cook them for a little longer.

How is pork with bacon simmered?

It seems to me that pork belly

and more specifically pork belly slices is like boneless pork ribs. They are cooked similarly and fall apart after being cooked slowly.

But slow-cooker pork belly is high in fat and not good if you’re on a diet.

Why slowly cook pork slices with bacon?

I prefer to slowly cook pork slices with bacon because they take up less space in the slow cooker and you can put more of them.

They are a great alternative to our slow cooker sticky chicken wings recipe and are perfect for serving on the slow cooker at the table and for everyone to serve themselves.

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Belly Pork Strips

Slow Cooker Ingredients

Belly Pork Strips Slow Cooker Ingredients

Belly – We had many packets of pork belly strips on special offer from Asda. The only problem was that when we cut them into pieces there were too many to fit in the slow cooker. So, we made them in two different meals. You can make just one package or go with two.

Honey – A recipe for pork in the slow cooker is not the same without plenty of honey to make a delicious sticky sauce.

Garlic – Where there is honey, there is always garlic. You can use garlic puree, garlic paste, crushed garlic or something similar. Or my favorite time saver is some frozen chopped garlic.

Sugar – I also recommend some brown sugar, as it helps the sticky marinated sweet-bellied pork come together.

Extras. Then, to make your sticky treat come together, you’ll want some ginger puree, lemongrass puree, soy sauce, and 5 Chinese spices.

Then for the kitchen gadgets we have used in this slow cooker pork belly recipe has just been our Ninja Foodi. We have this and it is wonderful for many types of slow cooker recipes and it is also great for tender meat.

Also, we recommend you head to our slow cooker recipe category as we have over 100 tried and tested slow cooker recipes and have been using slow cookers for 18 years.

How to slowly cook slices of pork belly?

  • Slice. Chop the pork belly slices into pieces. I recommend in 3rds but if yours are really big 4ths could be better.
  • Marinada. Load the ingredients of the marinade into the slow cooker and mix with a spatula. Then add the slices of pork belly.
  • cook. Then slowly cook the pork belly slices for 4 hours at high heat or 7 hours at low temperature.
  • Sauce. Now you need an empty slow cooker. Drain the liquid from the pork belly slices and set the pork belly aside. Then load your sticky barbecue sauce ingredients into the slow cooker. Mix the pork belly in the sauce and then serve.
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And I’m sure you can see why this slow cooker pork belly strip recipe is one of my favorites.

How long to slowly cook the pork belly slices?

The cooking time of pork belly is ONLY 4 hours high or 7 hours low. Of course, you can slowly cook the pieces of your belly for 3 hours, add the sauce, and then cook for another hour to heat the sauce.

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Slow cooker pork belly slicesYour slow cooker belly pork slices

are below, Note that you can print it with or without photos, adjust the portions or click between metric and imperial depending on where you are in the world.

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