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Slow cooker potato curry recipe

This chickpea potato curry recipe will make your kitchen smell amazing! Make this whole30 and vegan plant-based curry in the slow cooker or Instant Pot.

Updated 2022 with plant-based Whole30

It’s no secret that I’m not vegan, but I love a good vegan curry every now and then. I’ve made several different variations of this recipe over the years before finally settling on what you see here. I’ve also had several different names for this recipe. You may have done this before when it was simply called Slow Cooker Vegan Curry. Same great taste, different name.

in separate white bowls: diced roma tomatoes, chickpeas, diced yellow potatoes, diced onions

Ingredients for this curry

  • Chickpeas: This recipe calls for cooked chickpeas. I suggest you keep it simple and use canned chickpeas that have been drained and rinsed first.
  • Coconut milk

  • : Whole coconut milk or coconut cream. The canned version, not the coconut milk that comes in the carton.
  • Potatoes: I used baby potatoes, but you can use your favorite dad, whether it’s baby, reddish or even sweet potatoes
  • .

  • Tomatoes: Here you can use fresh or canned tomatoes
  • .

  • Peas: Frozen peas are stirred at the end of the cooking time.
  • Condiments: The main condiment in this curry is… curry! Use your favorite curry powder. I used yellow curry powder that I bought at the local dollar store.

How to Make This Chickpea Potato Curry This chickpea potato curry

is easy to make whether you use your instant pot or slow cooker. Below are the Instant Pot instructions:

  1. Set the pressure cooker to the high stir-fry setting. Once hot, add the oil and onions and sauté for a few minutes until smooth. Turn off the heating.
  2. Add garlic, curry, ginger, cumin, turmeric, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. Cook 1 minute stirring frequently.
  3. Add coconut milk and with a wooden spoon, scrape the bottom of the instant pot to remove any pieces that have stuck to it. Be sure to scrape it thoroughly to avoid burning during cooking.
  4. Add the chickpeas, potatoes and tomatoes. Close and seal the ventilation. Select the high pressure for 8 minutes. When the cooking time is completed, the natural release of 5 minutes and then the remaining pressure of rapid release.
  5. Add frozen peas and cook and another 5-10 minutes sautéed, stirring frequently.
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Whole30 Whole30

recently announced its new

plant-based reset

🌱 The plant-based Whole30 is a 100% plant-based version of the original 30-day reset, designed to deliver the same life-changing benefits of Whole30 without the inclusion of any animal products.

The plant-based Whole30 uses legumes, less processed forms

of soybeans, sugar-free plant-based protein powders, nuts and seeds to provide adequate protein, and includes only plant-based fats. In the plant-based Whole30, the following food groups are supported by the program: legumes, lentils and peas; whole or minimally processed forms of soy such as edamame 🌱,

🌱 miso, natto, tofu and tempeh; whole forms of powdered sugar-free plant-based proteins such as peas, hemp, pumpkin or chia; vegetables and fruits; nuts and seeds; natural fats of vegetable origin; and herbs, spices and condiments.

That means if you’re making a round of #plantbasedwhole30, this potato and chickpea curry delivers! For more information, see HERE.

Cooking with

chickpeas Chickpeas,

also known as chickpeas, are a protein-rich legume. They are one of the two main ingredients in this recipe, potatoes being the other. The recipe calls for cooked chickpeas. I like to keep it simple, so I use canned chickpeas that are precooked. You can use dried chickpeas if you want. If you do, you will need to use 1/2 cup of pre-soaked dried chickpeas. When cooked, dried chickpeas almost triple in size. Keep in mind that 1 cup of dried chickpeas will make about 3 cups of cooked chickpeas. So, if you’re using dried chickpeas, I only suggest about 1/2 cup.

How to soak chickpeas It is better

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to pre-soak chickpeas

overnight, however, you can also do a quick one-hour soak. Below are instructions on how to pre-soak chickpeas for cooking. If you use canned chickpeas, be sure to drain and rinse them off before adding them to the slow cooker or pressure cooker.

Regular soaking:

Sort chickpeas

  1. to remove any residue
  2. .

  3. Add the chickpeas to a large bowl and cover with cold water
  4. .

  5. Soak the chickpeas for at least 12 hours.

Quick soak:

  1. Sort chickpeas to remove any residue
  2. .

  3. Rinse the chickpeas in a strainer with cold water. Add the chickpeas
  4. to a large saucepan and cover with 2 inches of water. Bring to a boil and cook for 1 minute.
  5. Remove from heat and cover for 1 hour. Rinse the chickpeas in a strainer with cold water.

What type of potatoes

to use You can use your preferred potato in this Instant Pottto Chickpea Curry recipe, but some work better than others. Waxy potatoes always work best with slow cookers and pressure cookers because they hold their shape during the cooking process. That said, like most of my recipes, I encourage you to use the ingredients you have and like. I used yellow potatoes, but other suggestions include red potatoes, baby potatoes, fry or non-waxy potatoes like reddish or even sweet potatoes. If you use a non-waxy potato, I suggest you cut them into larger pieces than you normally would. This will help them maintain their shape during the cooking process and not become soft for you.

What is curry powder?

Curry powder is a mixture of spices. Most people think curry powder is a popular Indian spice, but it’s not. Curry powder was created by the British (something like chicken tikka masala). The main ingredient in curry powder is turmeric, which is where you get your yellow hue. Outside of turmeric, the other spices in curry will differ depending on the manufacturer, but usually include spices such as cayenne, chili peppers, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, and/or ginger. I wanted to keep things simple, so I used a generic yellow curry powder that you can find at your local supermarket or online.

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, I love coconut milk and use it very often in my kitchen. But I understand that’s not the case for everyone. The purpose of coconut milk in this recipe is to provide creaminess. If you don’t want to use coconut milk, you can substitute cashew cream (vegan), whipped cream (non-vegan), or evaporated milk (non-vegan).

Storage and freezing of

leftover curry

Store leftover vegan chickpea and potato curry in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. Yes, you can also freeze this curry! Place leftovers in an airtight container or plastic bags to freeze and freeze for up to 3 months.

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that may interest you:

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a pot

3.5 quarts slow cooker or a 6-quart instant pot to make this recipe.


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