Slow Cooker Eggs – Soft Boiled or Hard Boiled Eggs in Crockpot

Slow cooker recipes with eggs

Slow cooker eggs can be made over hard, medium or soft boiled. The best Crockpot breakfast which is keto and low carb full of protein.

Crockpot eggs

I don’t know about you, but we love this protein-packed meal and had a lot of them when we had chickens. There are many ways to cook eggs out there. The “old-fashioned” method would be to boil them, I never do it again.

Years ago I made Instant Pot hard-boiled eggs and that was a game changer. MUCH easier than waiting for the water to boil and come out perfectly every time. You can also make hard-boiled eggs for air fryers, but not everyone has one of those machines (but you should). Now you can make them low and slow like this….

Let’s talk a little bit about slow cooking, okay? First of all, I have a few different varieties and I love them all. Each has an occasion to be used as…

  1. This is my programmable 6-quart favorite with a locking lid, so it’s also great to take
  2. to a meal.

  3. If you just want to serve a few appetizers, you should get this one that sits next to each other
  4. .

  5. I prefer not to use coatings, but simply to sprinkle olive oil inside before adding my food for easy cleanings.

Let me give you a look at my pretty thang I recently bought. It goes with my kitchen, so I can leave it on the countertop all the time. 😉


Cooking eggs in a slow cooker

There’s really no trick to this, just simple instructions you’ll probably remember after the first time you do them. Of course, we’d like to see you back here again and again, but you may not need instructions for this specifically on the next lap.

I have also made scrambled eggs in slow cooker and it works very well. To me that doesn’t make much sense. They’re fairly easy to prepare, throw it in a pan, and cook in just a few minutes, but we have instructions if you choose to do it this way. If I want hard or soft I make them this way or an egg bread in the oven.

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crockpot eggsCrockpot

Hard Boiled Eggs

There are TWO ways to do this. You can leave the shell on or off as you see here. There are reasons to make one over the other. If you want to keep them for morning eating, you’ll want to leave them whole and not break them. That way, you can cool them down and pull them out of the shell when you’re ready to consume them.

In the shell:

Put a layer of eggs at the bottom of the pot

  • Pour enough water to barely cover them
  • Cook over high heat for 2.5 hours
  • Drain the water and fill the pot with cold water with some ice cubes
  • Eat immediately, make chicken eggs with crack or put them in a bag and refrigerate to eat later

If you are eating them right away and/or want them to be done faster than removing eggshells. For this method you see here you will need some silicone baking cups. This will be a container to keep the eggs contained, but will allow them to vaporize essentially in less than an hour.

Cracking in silicone cups:

  • One egg in each cup
  • 1″ pot water

  • Cook over high heat for 30 minutes to 60 minutes
  • Full instructions for this method below on the printable recipe card. <img src="" alt="slow

  • cooker


” />

I’ve also used eggs to make our Crockpot breakfast casserole dish. If you had a bunch of people for Christmas brunch, you could do both… If you had some pots, that’s it. For these, you need to sit them in a single layer, so depending on the size of your vessel, you will likely only cook 4 to 6 at a time.

  1. Fresh eggs
  2. Silicone baking cups
  3. Water
  4. A little nonstick cooking spray is useful
  5. Paper towels and lid will also be used As
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for seasonings, simply sprinkle what you would normally do if you cooked an egg too easily in a pan. Salt and pepper are a given, but you might like a little heat with chili powder too or something.

crockpot egg

Be sure to give the inside of these babies some olive oil or something. That way, they will come out as you see here and will be easier to serve. Kids love these for many reasons, but they can be a snack once out of the cup.

Of course, they are less dirty if the yolk is hard, but if you want soft boil or more than one poached egg, we would like a dish.

  • Pour 1-2 cups of water into your kitchen. Enough where it is about 1/2″ tall inside your pot (larger pots will need more).
  • Spray into each silicone cup with nonstick spray. Break an egg in each cup and lower it in the pot so it can be vaporized. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • Fit as many as you can without overlapping, they should be in one layer.
  • Fold two paper towels together and place them on top with the lid placed on top (this will absorb the steam so that the eggs do not get wet).
  • Cook over high heat for 30 minutes for soft hard-boiled eggs, or 45 minutes to 60 minutes for hard-boiled eggs or so that the yolk is not liquid.
  • Squeeze lightly on the bottom when you’re done and they’ll come straight out.

Feel free to season when you break them or after they are ready. I really don’t feel like there’s a difference in any way.

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<img src="" alt=

“Slow cooker eggs” />

Slow cooker omelet


could also turn them into a kind of small tortillas. That’s how you would do that.

Break the same amount of eggs as the cups

  1. you are going to use in a bowl
  2. .

  3. Whisk the egg mixture and then add all your mixtures like grated cheese, bell pepper, even thawed hash browns
  4. from the bag.

  5. Pour into your cups and place them in your pot.
  6. Same instructions for the rest as below to make this recipe for egg casserole eggs in Crock pot

Any of the above are great choices for eggs for a crowd. We have another way to make these in your oven but below as well.

Hard-boiled eggs in the oven are also possible if that’s all you have on hand. I prefer that even to boiling, since you only prepare them and set the timer. There is no need to look at them.

How to boil hard-boiled eggs in the oven

I’m not a fan of using slow cooker liners in general and in this case there’s really no need as nothing is touching sides other than water. Nutritional facts like saturated fat will be different depending on the eggs you choose, check the carton for more accuracy.


you’re following a low-carb keto diet, you might end up here. If you want to add a little more yam, you could suggest some slow-cooked French toast or our crispy Crockpot apple on the side.

  • The bagels from the air fryer are also fantastic
  • If you have a Foodi, you can make this Ninja Foodi breakfast casserole with bacon and all things….

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