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Slow cooker tacos recipe

This Mexican shredded beef has an incredible depth of flavor! The sauce is very rich and thick, and there is MUCHA. Great for tacos, burritos, enchiladas and quesadillas, stacked in Mexican red rice or stuffed into slider rolls!

This is a reader’s favorite recipe included by popular demand in my first cookbook “Dinner”!

Mexican shredded beef taco taco - tortillas, sour cream, avocado, lime, pico de Gallo

Mexican Shredded Beef

I have a “thing” about shredded meats. I love how it acts as a mop for sauces, which is why every bite is so juicy.

From shredded chicken tacos to shredded chicken nachos, shredded beef

ragout pasta and chicken pie, chicken and rice soup to crispy Chinese shredded chicken, if the eating experience is better when the meat is shredded, I crush it. And the Mexican shredded beef

makes the cut, ten times! In fact, I love it so much that I recently published another version: Beef Barbecue. This version is slightly spicy and full of chipotle pepper flavor!

The sauce for this Mexican shredded beef is loaded with great flavors, and there’s a PLOT!

Close-up of the slow cooker Mexican shredded meat

What happens in slow cooking Mexican beef

There are a lot of spices in this that make up the flavor of the braised liquid that becomes the sauce!

The secret ingredient is orange juice – It is actually a fairly common ingredient in Mexican cuisine. For example, it is used in Carnitas (slow-cooking Mexican shredded pork) and in the marinade of chicken fajitas.

It doesn’t make the broth taste orange at all, it totally transforms when cooked slowly and adds a touch of sweetness and flavor to the sauce.

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Mexican shredded beef ingredients

How to make slow cooker Mexican


The preparation part is very simple and mostly timeless

: cut the meat into

  1. large pieces and sprinkle with spices

  2. Aggressively seal: golden = flavor in both meat and sauce (from the brown things at the base of the pot)

  3. Add everything else

  4. to the pot

  5. Cook slowly on the stove, oven, slow cooker or pressure cooker until it melts tender

  6. Crush

  7. Mix again in sauce

  8. Transfer to serving

  9. plateDevore into desired shape! (Tacos in this case 🙂)

How to make slow cooking Mexican meat

Things to do with Mexican shredded meat

The beauty of this Mexican beef is that it is 100% freezer friendly and can be used for dozens of dishes, making it a great choice for fast food. Here are some ideas:

Obvious uses

  1. Tacos (

  2. this recipe)Nachos – change the

  3. chicken in this recipe for Shredded Chicken Nachos

  4. Burritos – Freezer Friendly!

  5. Quesadillas – change one of the fillings for

  6. this meat

  7. Enchiladas Meat – omit ground beef/ground beef filling and spices, just use this meat instead. (Still make the enchilada sauce, use the refried beans, etc.)

  8. Mexican

  9. Dishes – Meat stacked on Mexican red rice with a large spoonful of guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream, corn cob, finish with lemon slices and fresh cilantro/cilantro

What to do with Mexican shredded meat

Some less obvious and powerful and tasty ideas

  1. Sliders – stuffed into muffins to make sliders!

  2. Mexican Toasties 🥑🧀 – toast → spread with avocado → pile on shredded beef → top with cheese → MELT → devour 🙌

  3. Mexican “

  4. Empanadas”: make triangles/packages (like this) using puff pastry, seal with egg, brush with egg, bake until golden brown. Try adding corn and black beans to fill it!

  5. Mexican Cottage Pie – mix through sautéed onion, pepper/peppers, zucchini, corn and other chopped vegetables of your choice. Pour into a casserole dish, then top with mashed potatoes and bake according to this Cottage Pie recipe. Or try Mexican Beef Chicken Pot Pie!

  6. Mexican Beef Lasagna: Top this meat with tortillas in a baking dish, top with plenty of cheese, and bake. I would fill it with vegetables.

  7. Fully loaded Mexican breakfast! – make Shakshuka (Middle Eastern baked eggs) which is actually made with all-Mexican flavors, and serve with a generous pile of this meat and hot tortillas. GMOs….

  8. Breakfast enchiladas – skip the bacon, use this meat instead

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Aerial photo of Mexican shredded meat taco - tortillas, sour cream, avocado, lime, pico de Gallo<img src="” alt=”Close up of 3 Mexican tacos of shredded meat on a plate with pico de gallo, avocado and sour cream” />



tacos Here’s what I use to make a simple variety of shredded beef tacos, something that’s super quick to put together:

    This Mexican

  • Tortillas of Crumbled Meat

  • Heated or charred

  • Pico de Gallo (Mexican Sauce)

  • Sour cream

  • Lime wedges Fresh lime

  • wedges Fresh

  • coriander leaves, whole or finely chopped

You won’t need a separate sauce because this shredded meat is very juicy and spicy.

So really, if you have

a batch of this Mexican beef on hand, then you’re only 15 minutes away from the taco extension shown above because all you have to do is the Pico de Gallo (and if that’s too hard, just cut some tomatoes!!) – Nagi x

See how to do it

This recipe appears in my first cookbook Dinner. The book is mostly new recipes, but this is a reader’s favorite included by popular demand!

Originally published September 2015, updated July 2019 with new photos, new video, new step photos, and Life of Dozer section added. No changes to the recipe!

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