Trout in a slow cooker – impossible to spoil! Recipes of different trout

Slow cooker trout recipes

Video Slow cooker trout recipes
Trout in a slow cooker - impossible to spoil! Recipes of different trout in a steamed multicooker and with vegetables, rice, sauces

Trout is a fish that is used for salting, boiling, frying, baking and in all its variants it is incredible


A dish cannot be spoiled, but they can be very easy to prepare


Enough to rely on the kitchen assistant – a slow cooker.

This miracle pot is perfectly suited to a variety of products and trout is no exception.

Enjoy delicious fish?

Trout in a slow cooker

– general principles

of cooking

To cook trout in a slow cooker, you can use fillets, fillets and even illiquid slices, for example, tails, heads, ridges. They are excellent for fish soups. Pre-trout washed, dried. Often, the pieces are pickled to make the taste of red fish even richer.

How trout is seasoned:

black pepper

; •lemon; •salt; •


; •

condiments for fish





The trout is fried, stewed or baked under different sauces. It goes well with vegetables: potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes, zucchini, onions. From cereal it is better to prefer rice. On the basis of this duo there are many interesting recipes.

In a slow cooker, trout can also be steamed. To do this, use a special tray. It is important not to put the pieces in it firmly so that the steam circulation is free. In order for the product prepared in this way to be really tasty, the pieces are rubbed with different spices, you can marinate in advance. Also the flavored additives are thrown into the water for evaporation.


1: Steamed trout Recipe for steamed trout

in a slow cooker. Fish is juicy, tasty, contains no extra calories. Notably combined with boiled and fresh vegetables.


pieces of trout 0.7-0.8 kg

; • 1


; •

salt and black pepper

; • 2

tablespoons olive oil; • 2

sprigs of thyme



1. Cut the trout into slices or use prepared fillets. Rinse with water, dry with napkins. 2. Combine olive oil (you can take any other) with salt, pepper and squeeze the lemon juice to them.

3. Rub the trout pieces with the prepared mixture and leave on for an hour.

4. In a multicooker pour a glass of water, it is better to immediately drink boiling water. Strip sprigs of thyme.

5. Take out pieces of trout, rub with juice and sauce from the bottom of the pot and change to a special tray.

6. Cook in the “Steaming” program for exactly twenty minutes. After the signal, remove the tray and the fish can be served immediately.

Recipe 2: Trout in a slow cooker

with sour cream and cheese

A variant of the juicy trout dish in a slow cooker, which features an amazing sauce. It is desirable to take sour cream with a high fat content, cheese goes harder.

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2 trout fillets

; • 50 grams of cheese; •

180 grams of sour cream

; • 1

sweet pepper

; • 1


• vegetables, oil



1. Grease the clay pot with oil, one spoon is enough. We include the “Baking” program.

2. Rub the fillets with salt and cook in this mode for 10 minutes on each side.

3. Mix sour cream with grated cheese, add herbs, spices.

4. Spread the sauce to the fried trout, but not all. About half should stay.

5. Top with Bulgarian pepper, cut into strips.

6. Spread tomato slices on top of the pepper.

7. Lubricate the tomatoes with the remaining sauce.

8. Close the slow cooker, cooking in the same program for about twenty minutes.

9. After the signal, take out the appetizing trout, serve as a standalone dish. Decorate with greens.

Recipe 3: Steamed trout in a slow cooker with rice

A very convenient way to cook healthy fish at the same time as a side dish. Rice can be used any, even brown and unpeeled. The calculation of ingredients for three servings. Instead of steaks, you can use a piece or a few pieces of steak.


2-3 trout fillets

; • 1 cup rice; • 2 glasses of water; • 1

pinch of oregano

; • 2 garlic cloves; •

3 tablespoons butter

; •


; • 2 glasses

of water.


1. Rub the trout with a mixture of oregano, salt and black pepper. Before this, the fish should be washed and dried thoroughly. Leave for a while. 2. Wash the rice several times, such as for the pilaf. This will not allow the grains to stick together.

3. Place the multicooker cereal, add the prescribed oil, pour water and glue the garlic cloves. The liquid can be salted immediately, but not much, as the spicy juice will flow from the trout.

4. Fish put on the steaming tray, placed on rice.

5. Turn on the

“Steam” program and prepare the dish for 20-25 minutes, depending on the size of the fish and the type of rice.

Recipe 4: Trout in a multicooker with


To cook a rich trout dish in a slow cooker, it is advisable to use new potatoes. But if there is no such, then we take any available root crop.


0.5 kg of trout fillet

; • 2 tablespoons butter; •

6 potatoes

; • 50 grams of butter; •

50 grams of cheese

; •

220 ml of cream

; •

spices for fish

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• 2 hl of lemon juice



1. Wash the trout fillet, cut it into small strips and sprinkle with spices. Pour the lemon juice and your hands rub everything into pieces. Let marinate for thirty minutes.

2. Clean the potatoes, cut them into plates two or three millimeters thick. If you make the biggest, the potatoes will cook longer.

3. Pour the vegetable oil into the multicooker container and place the potato pieces. Add a little salt.

4. Now place the fish fillet, marinated in spices.

5. Add the butter. You just need to cut it and place it on top.

6. Fill everything with cream.

7. Rub a large piece of cheese and sprinkle the dish on top.

8. Close the slow cooker.

9. Expose the “baked” cooking mode for 50 minutes. In the end you will have to open and prick potatoes. If it is not completely ready, then we increase the time.

Recipe 5: Trout in a multicooker with


For this dish you will need fresh vegetables. The set specified in the recipe, you can change a little to your liking.


• 1 onion; • 1


; • 1


; • 1 tomato; • 1

sweet pepper

; • 30 ml of oil; • 1


; • 30

grams of trout fillet


Kitchen 1. Turn on the slow cooker to cooking mode and pour oil into the bowl.

2. Add the onions with carrots, cut them into arbitrary slices. Fry for ten minutes.

3. Cut the sweet pepper and pour it over the vegetables, fry for a couple of minutes more.

4. The fillet should be washed well and cut into small cubes, but you can and the buckets. Add to vegetables.

5. Now we throw the zucchini and eggplants, which, if necessary, can be soaked to remove bitterness. Simply pour the chopped vegetable into salted water and leave it for half an hour. Then wash and squeeze.

6. We take a tomato, cut it in half and rub it, discard the skin. Pour the juice on the plate.

7. All salt, pepper, stir.

8. Close, set “Cool”. Cook 40 minutes.

Recipe 6: Baked trout in a slow cooker with lemon

Variety of baked trout steak with incredible lemon flavor. Despite its simplicity, the dish is very elegant and tasty.


2 trout fillets

; • 1


; •

4 garlic cloves

; •

salted pepper; •

3 tablespoons butter



1. Cut a lemon in half.

2. Rub the trout fillets washed with salt and pepper.

3. We install a slow cooker for a baking program, pour oil into it.

4. Put the fillets in hot oil, sprinkle with chopped garlic on top, pour the juice of half a lemon.

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5. Cover and cook for 20 minutes.

6. Cut the other half of the lemon into thin circles.

7. Take out a trout on a plate, serve with lemon slices.

Recipe 7: A simple trout ear

in a slow cooker

Recipe flavored with trout soup in a slow cooker. The dish is light, healthy, very tasty and at the same time dietary. Unclaimed used parts with a trout carcass: tail, crest, head, fins. But you can take some pieces.



; •

6 potatoes

; •

2 carrots

; • 1 onion bulb; •

spices, vegetables; •

30 ml of oil




. We wash pieces of trout, pay special attention to the head. It should be clean, you can use a brush. We incorporate the multicooker bowl.

2. Add 2 liters of water, close and cook the broth for 40 minutes in the “Soup” program, adding sliced carrots and onions, cut into several pieces. 3. Remove the fish from the broth, filter the broth.

4. Pour oil, pour grated carrot and sliced white leek into a slow cooker. But you can use the light bulb and the bulb. Fry the vegetables until they are transparent.

5. Return the broth to the multicooker.

6. Add the chopped potatoes, salt.

7. Again, set the “Soup” mode and cook the soup for half an hour.

8. While the potatoes are boiling, sort the boiled trout, separate the meat and fold it in a clean container. Bones and ridges are pulled.

9. As soon as the signal informs about the end of cooking, add vegetables to the soup, pour salt and pepper to taste.

10. Put the boiled trout pieces on plates, pour hot soup and you can serve!

Trout in a multivariate – useful tips and tricks

• Salmon and trout are very similar to each other, but how not to mix them? The weight of the trout carcass rarely exceeds 3 kilograms. River species often weigh less than several times. Scales smaller than salmon. On the sides of the trout there are bands.

• The most delicious dishes come from fresh fish. You have to be able to choose it. The scales should be shiny, the skin is moist, the characteristic smell of raw fish without impurities. It is not necessary to buy a product with damage to the housing.

• A lot of spices drowns out the aroma of red fish. It is undesirable to add a lot of spices, enough salt, pepper, a little lemon or garlic. Highlight notably the delicate taste of fish dairy products: cheese, cream, sour cream.

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