15 Slow Cooker Vegetarian Soup Recipes for Lazy Winter Days

Slow cooker vegetarian soup recipes healthy

15 easy and delicious slow cooking vegetarian soups to feed your family this winter… with minimal effort! Each soup is plentiful and worthy of food, and is packed with vegetables, grains, beans or lentils.

Guys, I need to get together and start eating more soup. The

soup is cheap, the soup is healthy, the soup

gets hot, and the soup is SO EASY to make with a slow cooker. This has to be the year of soup. Who is with me?

Here I have compiled 15 slow vegetarian soup recipes that can be made in the slow cooker. They are easy dinners for your whole family.

This vegetarian soup is full of flavor! Only 5 ingredients, easy to make in the slow cooker. This is based on the classic British broccoli and stilton soup, but with a little extra potato to make it inexpensive. You can use any blue cheese. Slow Cooker Broccoli Stilton soup

for me.

This classic British soup is bulging with some potatoes to make it more filling and economical… while feeling super elegant as it is full of blue cheese flavor!

Tex Mex Enchilada Chowder by Cindy at Vegetarian Mamma.

I mean, do you see how creamy and amazing that is? This is a near-perfect vegetarian meal with layers of flavor, plus creamy, crunchy toppings.

Red lentils with chickpeas and orzo by Jenn in Veggie Inspired


Filled with creamy lentils and chickpeas and orzo paste in a smoked tomato broth, this amazing stew is guaranteed to satisfy.

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Curry cauliflower sweet potato soup from Gwen at Delightful Adventures


With a hint of curry flavor to keep soup night interesting, this vegetable-filled soup is nutritious, creamy, and delicious.

Bintu’s spicy slow-cooked bean soup at Recipes from a Pantry

. The soup

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you need when the cold season takes over, this healing soup is full of protein and goodness with a spicy twist


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Slow Cooker (or Instant Pot) lentil soup by Sarah at Sustainable Cooks.

You’ll know how I feel about the humble lentil. Well, this amazing soup is packed with lentils and vegetables, and it’s also a special ingredient for extra flavor.

Slow Cooker Jackfruit Chili by Mary Ellen at V Nutrition.

Bored of all the bean chilies? Try something new! The jackfruit adds a fun chicken texture to this tasty chili that you will be happily celebrating for the next few days.

Lentil and quinoa chili by Aggie at Aggie’s Kitchen


Oh hello again, lentils. I LOVE YOU. Another brilliant twist on vegetarian chili, with legumes packed with protein and quinoa. A double dose of kindness!

Crockpot Vegetarian Pasta e Fagioli by Natasha at Salt & Lavender


This bright and beautiful soup is a perfectly rounded meal with vegetables, carbohydrates, beans and a nutritious broth.

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Pumpkin and apple soup

by Julia in A Cedar spoon.

A splash of apple in this creamy and delicious pumpkin soup adds a fun new twist to a classic! Guaranteed to please.

Spicy roasted red pepper soup with Angela’s coconut at The Mighty Mrs


Coconut milk adds a delicious twist to this spicy vegan soup that you should try. Adding a loaf of fresh bread will help you make a meal with it.

Wild rice vegetable soup by Kristine at Kristine’s Kitchen

This hearty soup contains a whole pumpkin and some extra green goodness from the addition of kale. Delicious!

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Slow Cooking Chickpea Curry by Katie at Hey Nutrition Lady

This super tasty curry contains plenty of extra vegetables over nutritious chickpeas. If you don’t feel like cooking a pot of rice, just pick up this treat with some store-bought naan bread.

Cauliflower cheese and beer soup

by Sarah at Champagne Tastes

This is less of a “set and forget” recipe because you’ll have to pre-roast some veggies before transferring them to the slow cooker, but it’s worth it for a cheese and beer soup full of vegetables that you can actually make a meal with!

Alex and Linda’s “Beef” vegan Irish stew at Veganosity

Another one that’s a little more effort because you’ll have to sauté pre-sauté and make a roux, but this amazing mushroom-for-meat stew is well worth it on a lazy weekend day.

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