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Slow cooker wild goose breast recipes

Video Slow cooker wild goose breast recipes

Goose breasts are dark meat with a rich and robust flavor that makes them exceptional for cooking a variety of tasty dishes.

They are also very lean and loaded with iron and many other essential nutrients, making them an excellent alternative to more common poultry, such as chicken.

Whether you like roasted, grilled, or pan-fried, we’ve got you covered with some of the best goose breast recipes you can easily try at home!

Tip: As geese are red-fleshed birds, the internal temperature of goose breasts should be around 140-150°F (60-65°C) and served medium rare for the best taste.

1. Crumbled goose

on the barbecue

A simple way to enjoy goose breast is to cook it slowly until the meat becomes super tender and you can’t go wrong when paired with your favorite BBQ sauce


The meat is also given depth in flavor by cooking it with onion, Worchestershire sauce and chicken broth, so you know there will be great flavor in every bite.

Get some brioche buns and add all that cooked meat in between to enjoy a delicious barbecued goose burger!

For a full meal, serve some tasty side dishes made from reddish potatoes or grated carrots!

2. Goose Tacos

Skinless goose

breasts are great for making delicious goose tacos that will definitely tempt your taste buds

! Whether you have a Canadian goose breast

or a snow goose breast on hand, both work great in this wild game meat recipe

! Placed in a

marinade made with soy sauce, beer and spices, the meat becomes extremely tasty and when scorched in a pan, they become heavenly tasting.

Gather tortillas and serve with your favorite taco ingredients to enjoy a meal! abundant!

3. Instant Pot Wild Goose Breast

This instant goose breast recipe is a must-try in our books because of how easy and convenient it is to

prepare an amazing meal!

There’s no lack of flavor with beef broth, red wine vinegar, almond milk, paprika, mushrooms and onions, all of which add to the amazing taste of the meat and sauce.

Everything is prepared and cooked in less than an hour and cleaning is also minimal as we are using an instant pot to cook everything.

Serve with your favorite accompaniments for an amazing meal that you can enjoy with the family!

4. Bourbon Goose Breast and Butter

If you’ve cooked beef steak before, you’ll find that making this Bourbon goose and butter breast is a breeze!


meat is left to cook in a very hot pan and scorched so that a good crust develops on all sides. The

pan is also deglazed with a splash of bourbon and a simple pan sauce is

made by adding broth and butter.

This simple dish is full of umami flavor and the bourbon sauce goes extremely well with meat, and when served with some vegetables on the side, you will have a super satisfying meal that is simply irresistible!

5. Canada Goose Breast in Reverse This is one

of our favorite goose breast recipes because of how easy it is to cook the meat and you really only need 2 main ingredients to make it work


If you haven’t tried it before, reverse sealing involves cooking the meat at low temperature first before burning the meat in a hot pan to finish it.

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This ensures that the meat is cooked to perfection both inside and out, making it a delicious dish that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Rosemary helps add some depth to the flavor and a pinch of salt and black pepper is all that is required to ensure a delicious meal!

6. Roasted goose breast with apples and raisins Fruits and meat

go magnificently well together and this goose breast recipe is sure to be a treat for the audience with how amazing it tastes.

Sealed in a pan and cooked to perfection in an oven, the meat is paired with an incredible topping made

with apples, raisins


cinnamon, jam, red wine and chicken broth, creating a delicious dish that will whet your appetite.

This sweet and savory dish makes for an amazing dinner and is quite easy to make without having to spend hours in the kitchen!

As delicious as it is, You definitely have to add it to your meal rotation!

7. Fried goose breast with wild mushroom sauce, potato pie and chard For a

complete meal that is sure to impress your friends and family, you should check out this amazing sous vide goose breast recipe!

The perfectly cooked meat topped with a tasty

wild mushroom

sauce is combined with a potato pie that has been fried until well browned, Plus a side Swiss chard to give you all the nutrition you need.

Everything is incredibly tasty and is a great way to try goose meat if you haven’t tried it before!

Get ready to receive a shower of compliments because it’s that delicious!

8. Goose breast with

rosemary mushroom cream


Try your hand at this fantastic dish that is incredibly delicious with a creamy sauce that adds so much flavor to the meat!

Goose breast is first marinated in a mixture of garlic and red wine vinegar, which gives it a wonderful fragrance even before cooking.

Sealed in a pan and roasted in an oven, the meat comes out perfectly cooked and is topped with a rosemary mushroom cream sauce that really makes this dish stand out.

Serve with some fragrant white rice for a healthy meal!


Wild Goose Breasts with Orange Icing

Mix things up a bit and make these amazing goose breasts with an

absolutely delicious orange glaze!

The highlight of this dish is, of course, the icing which is made with a combination of orange juice, lemon juice, orange zest, garlic, brown sugar, soy sauce, mustard and caraway


It is incredibly tasty and goes extremely well with meat that is baked in the oven until it is well cooked.

This sweet, sour, savory dish takes just 30 minutes to cook, making it an amazing choice for a delicious weekday dinner!

10. Fast Cooker Goose-Style Roast Beef

Inject a Mexican twist into your next meal with this fantastic slow-cooker goose breast recipe that goes extremely well with tortillas!

Cooked in a slow cooker with aromatics, orange juice, lemon juice and beer, the meat becomes extremely tender and loaded with great flavors that are simply irresistible.

Get ready with tortillas and any of your favorite taco ingredients, like salsa, pico de gallo, and avocado slices for a heavenly treat!

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Now you know what to prepare for your next Taco Tuesday!

11. Smoked Goose Breast Pastrami

This is one of the most amazing smoked goose breast recipes and an amazing way to make

cured meat! With the help of

pink salt, brown sugar and other herbs and spices, the meat is cured and given a dry massage before being smoked


It’s super delicious and a dipping sauce like mustard only serves to elevate the flavor even more, making it a tasty treat.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try pairing it with Tiger sauce or Bitchin’ sauce, which also goes great with meat!

12. Canada Goose in Sweet


Sauce Raise the heat with this exceptional recipe that combines goose breast and sweet chili sauce to create a dish you’ll definitely come back to


You only need a handful of ingredients to make this dish and everything comes together very quickly so you can enjoy a delicious meal in no time!

Garlic and onion add fragrance to the meat and everything is covered with sweet chili sauce and simmered until the sauce thickens.

If you like spicy food, we have no doubt that you will love this amazing dish that is quick and easy to prepare!

13. Goose breast with rosemary fig sauce

Garnish your taste buds with this fantastic goose breast with

rosemary fig sauce that is absolutely delicious and so easy to make! The meat

is perfectly scorched in the pan and roasted in the oven, giving it a pleasant color with a crispy and delicious skin. Red

meat goes exceptionally well with sweet sauces and rosemary

fig sauce

provides the right balance of sweet and spicy flavors to enhance the flavor of meat


Combine it with your favorite side dishes and enjoy a delicious meal with this simple recipe!

14. Sous Vide Goose Breast

If you have a sous vide machine, this recipe will come in handy for cooking incredibly tasty goose breasts that everyone will definitely enjoy


A mixture of salt, pepper, onion powder, and rosemary helps impart depth and complexity to flavor while keeping the overall flavor simple, making it a delicious dish that goes well with all sorts of side dishes.

If you want to add variety, season the meat with salt, honey, orange slices and rosemary for a sweet taste that is also excellently tasty.

It’s ridiculously easy to make and a great way to cook goose breasts, especially if you’re doing it for the first time!

15. Canadian goose wrapped

in bacon When it comes to

wild game meat, one of the classic ways to prepare them is by wrapping them

in bacon.

Marinated in teriyaki sauce, the meat becomes super tasty and oozes umami with every bite.

Wrapping meat in bacon and roasting it to perfection highlights all the wonderful flavors that make them such an addictive gift, which is why bacon-wrapped recipes are a mainstay for all types of meat!

You’ll have a hard time stopping at a portion because they’re that delicious!

16. Goose breasts

with orange-ouzo sauce In what is one of

our favorite wild goose breast recipes, this fantastic dish brings together a perfect combination of orange and meat to create a delicious delight!

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Citrus fruits work extremely well with red meat and ouzo only helps to elevate the flavor even more, So it’s an amazing dish that everyone can enjoy.

Add shallots, fennel, and chili to the mix, and you have a great dish loaded with complex flavors to make for an awesome meal.

It’s an elegant but easy dish to make, and is sure to please the crowd at any time of year!

17. Wild Goose Stroganoff in Brine

Make your next meal a little special with this amazing goose stroganoff that is super delicious and a great dish to add to your cooking repertoire!

The meat is brined to remove the matching flavor and topped with a sour cream sauce with egg noodles to complete this fantastic dish. Mushrooms


beef broth help make the dish even better and you’ll end up with a plate of tasty Strogan That’s simply irresistible


It’s an amazing alternative to meat stroganoff that tastes just as good, if not even better than the classic dish!


Pan-powered Canada goose breasts with blackberry sauce

Savor delicious goose breasts with an amazing blackberry sauce that is well balanced between sweet and spicy with this amazing recipe!

Sealed and cooked in a pan to perfection, the meat is placed over the amazing sauce that is made with fresh blackberries, sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest and cinnamon.

The crispy skin, tender meat, and tasty sauce create a fantastic meal that you’ll definitely devour because it’s incredibly tasty.

It’s quick and easy to prepare, making it a great choice for a tasty weekday dinner!

19. Burgundy

Grilled Goose

For an easy and straightforward goose breast recipe that

even beginner home cooks can make, check out this Burgundy grilled goose! Marinated

in a mixture of burgundy, garlic and rosemary, the meat is loaded with simple but incredible flavors that make it a delicious dish.

A simple seasoning of poultry seasoning and black pepper is enough to bring out the best flavors of goose breasts and you can enjoy a healthy meal when combined with other side dishes!

Try it once and you might have a new favorite dish that you’ll develop a craving!

20. Canada Goose Paprikash and Spaetzle

Add a European twist to your next meal with this fantastic Canada Goose Paprika and Spaetzle that is absolutely delicious and a must-try dish! Goose

breasts are slowly cooked with tomatoes, paprika, vegetables, wine, broth and other wonderful ingredients until they become extremely tender and super tasty.

When combined with spaetzle, the combination becomes a heavenly delight that makes it a satisfying meal!

Serve with your favorite lager beer to enjoy this amazing dish to the fullest!

At Glorious Recipes, we have our favorite sealed and roasted goose breasts that we adore and taste heavenly! Check out the recipe below!

Which of the goose breast recipes have you tried so far?

Let us know in the comments below!

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