Slow Cooker Smoked Pulled Pork Recipe – A Spicy Perspective

Smoky pulled pork recipe slow cooker

Southern Slow Cooker Smoked Pulled Pork – An easy clay pot shredded pork recipe that tastes like southern smoked barbecue! Also, only 5 ingredients are needed to make this barbecue recipe.

shredded pork in the slow cookerSmoked shredded pork recipe

(slow cooking method)

You know, it’s a shame that we don’t all have giant smokeks in our backyards. Due to lack of space, money, or desire, smoke pits simply aren’t practical for everyone.

However, who doesn’t love the rich and succulent shredded pork in the southern style, with its smoky essence and sweet and salty bite?

Well, believe it or not, you can make some pretty amazing shredded pork in your cooking pot.

Our 5-ingredient Southern Slow Cooker shredded pork takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and tastes very similar to southern barbecue pork.

Southern barbecue sandwich served on a bun

What ingredients you’ll need

Five carefully selected ingredients give this shredded pork recipe its southern appeal. All you need is:

  • A large roast of pork – this is the best cut you can use, but not the only cut of meat you can use
  • Apple cider vinegar – helps break down the meat making it more tender and also gives it a sour taste
  • Liquid smoke – brings the flavor of the smoker directly to your slow cooker!
  • Brown sugar – is an excellent base for a dry massage and brings some extra sweetness
  • Cajun seasoning: ideal for adding spicy flavorings that balance

sweet brown sugar

Behind the ingredients

Apple cider vinegar and brown sugar give pork roast that distinctive Carolina barbecue flavor. Liquid smoke emulates the taste of the classic well barbecue, so you don’t need a pit barbecue in the backyard.

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And Cajun seasoning increases the overall appeal, uniting all other flavors.

After a day of slow cooking in its slow cooker, mixing with the acid-salty-sweet ingredients, the pork roast is broken down into pieces of pork ecstasy.

How to make this shredded slowed pork

  1. Take out your clay pot and gather the necessary ingredients.
  2. Place the roast pork in the pot and pour the liquid smoke and apple cider vinegar all over the meat.
  3. Mix the brown sugar and seasoning in a small bowl to create
  4. the dry massage.

  5. Rub the homemade dry massage into the pork and put any leftover seasonings in the liquid at the bottom of the clay pot.
  6. Cover and let cook over high heat for 7 to 8 hours, or over low heat for 12+ hours.
  7. Take two forks to crush the meat in the cooking pot
  8. .

  9. Serve on a bun to make shredded pork sandwiches or serve alongside coleslaw, kale and homemade cornbread.

Get the

full (printable) recipe below for the Southern Smoked Shredded Pork recipe. Enjoy!

5-Ingredient Southern Slow Cooker Pulled Pork is so smooth and delicious that you won’t believe it came out of your cooking pot.

Enjoy it as a main course with the south sides, or pile it into sandwich rolls. I even like to use this easy crumbled pork recipe into nachos, tacos and soups!

Plus, the 5-ingredient Southern Slow Cooker shredded pork is a great prepared dish.

It’s fabulous for parties and for planning frozen meals too!

shredded meat in a slow cooker ready to serve


What is the best cut of pork

for this recipe?

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In this recipe, I like to use roast to pig butts, but you can also use shoulder roast or Boston butt. I would look for a cut of pork that has a little fat, but not an overabundant amount. Fat will create a great flavor, but you also don’t want to eat large chunks of fat, or have to choose them after cooking.

Why is my clay pot meat so hard?

If your pork is still hard, that means it hasn’t been cooked enough. There are connective tissues within the meat that need to be completely broken down and melted into the meat, which makes the pork so tender that it falls apart with a touch of fork.

How long is this recipe?

Store it in an airtight container, in the fridge, for three to five days. After that, it is better to freeze pork. If it is well wrapped, you can freeze it for up to six months.

shredded meat on a bun with pickles

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