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In this post I will share an easy recipe for Mississippi Pot Roast


We’ve all heard of the Mississippi pot roast, right? It is very likely that you have. The recipe is very popular and offers an easy-to-prepare beef roast that is delicious with a light kick in every bite.

Why is it called Mississippi Pot Roast? Thanks to a home cook named Robin Chapman, a Mississippi resident, who took a recipe from her aunt in the 1990s and adapted it to be less spicy for her children. His family loved it.

Robin started sharing his roast recipe and it became very popular. She called it “the roast,” but the name Mississippi pot roast was eventually coined as a tribute to the home state and the name stuck.

You may be thinking “Julia, why do you share this recipe when it’s already on so many websites?” Well, you’re right, it is, and maybe I felt left out. No, haha! One reason is that I want to be able to provide content on my site for my readers that I think they will enjoy.

A second reason is that I had never tried the Mississippi pot roast until a few months ago. Yes, I knew how popular it is and I also see it floating all over the web.

Mississippi Pot Roast

Well, I wondered if it was really worth all the hype and decided I was going to make this roast instead of my classic old-fashioned pot roast recipe and see how we like it.


does Mississippi Pot Roast

taste like

? This meat roast is a bit spicy and is certainly a different experience from a more traditionally prepared roast.

Did we like it? We are a house divided on the matter. I thought the MPR was delicious and tasty and enjoyed the sizzle and flavors you don’t get from a pot roast prepared with carrots, potatoes and onions and such.

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However, Mr. J. wasn’t so crazy about it. Meh! Bless him, he is a pot roast purist and would rather have my old-fashioned pot roast.

Okay, at least we tried, right! If you’ve never had MPR, you should try it too! There’s no reason not to do it given how easy it is to do it.

Crock Pot Mississippi Pot Roast

What do you eat with Mississippi pot roast? Anything you would normally serve with a beef roast works perfectly in conjunction with MPR. Mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, rice, and just about any side of vegetables would be great.

I’m sure everyone would agree to a tasty homemade side of bread to accompany it too, like cookies, cornbread, or mayonnaise rolls.

The Mississippi pot roast makes a delicious sauce as it cooks slowly and I only had to eat it with mashed potatoes. Delicious!

Doesn’t everyone look good?

What do I need for the recipe?

What’s different about Mississippi Pot Roast? The 5 simple ingredients are not what you would expect from a meat roast and that makes it different from the norm.

What do I need to make Mississippi Pot Roast in the Crock Pot?

  • Roast Meat – I prefer a roast chuck for this recipe because of the good ratio of fat to meat content that helps make the meat so tasty and moist. If you have another cut of roast you prefer, feel free to use it instead.
  • Pepperocini – a whole jar of pepperocini peppers with juice. That’s different for pot roasting, right? Pepperocini give this roast the spicy flavor factor but not too spicy.
  • Ranch Dressing Mix Packet: The ranchera blend adds flavor and helps in the preparation of the sauce.
  • Au Jus Gravy Packet – helps create the sauce while cooking the roast.
  • Butter: Because butter makes everything better, of course, so go ahead and throw a stick out of that too.
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recently saw a Crock Pot Mississippi chicken recipe on my friend’s website that I want to try soon. I think the centers will really like the chicken version even though it didn’t opt for the robusta.

5 Pot Roast Ingredient

Should you seal a pot roast? I would usually say yes! Burning the meat before roasting adds a ton of rich flavor that can’t be obtained any other way.

I chose not to do it this time because most of the recipes I researched just threw everything into the slow cooker to keep things simple and that’s what I did. However, I think the burning would have made it even better.

When making any recipe on my Crock Pot, I like to place the lid on the empty tableware and preheat it at the high setting while I prepare everything.

Once I had everything, I placed the roast meat in the slow cooker and added the rest of the ingredients and let it do it on the low setting and enjoyed the aromas during the hours it cooked.

Crock Pot Mississippi Pot Roast

Eight hours later and this is what I ended up with. Not bad for a ranchera pot roast with peppers, huh?

The meat was tender from the slow cooking in those wonderful juices and I was able to separate it with a couple of forks before serving.

Easy Beef Pot


Below you will find the printable recipe card for this easy roast beef recipe


What are the different cuts of roast meat?

  • Chuck Roast – perhaps one of the most popular cuts of meat for pot roasting, the chuck roast has a good marbling throughout the meat and tasty.
  • Bottom Round

  • Tri Tip Eye Round Rib
  • Bottom Round Rib

  • Bottom
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Round Loin These are all the most common meat roasts usually found in the meat selection area of your local Wal Mart or grocery store. Butchers and specialty meat stores may also have other cuts available.

Chuck roast used to be considered one of the cheapest options, but I’m not so sure if that’s still true with the prices of beef products I’ve seen lately.

I admit to seeing the sales ads before picking up a barbecue. I’ve seen some chuck roasts that cost $25.00 or more and I’m like WHAAAAT.

Tip for

tender roast

If you’ve ever had a pot roast that’s hard, chances are it’s cooked too quickly. A roast recipe like MPR needs to be cooked long and slow to get the most tender meat.

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