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St louis style ribs slow cooker recipe

Video St louis style ribs slow cooker recipe

You have all heard me absolutely RAVE about these ribs. They fall off the FANTASTIC bone. I made these St. Louis-style ribs in the clay pot and still crave them every day. Pat some seasonings, pour some BBQ sauce and let it cook! If you are not a rib lover, you will be now, TRUST ME! Crock Pot BBQ ribs are everyone’s favorite by fans, guaranteed to please the crowd.

Combine this with my macaroni salad and Greek yogurt recipe! A real All American BBQ!!

What do you need to make

Crock Pot St Louis style ribs

Well, you need a clay pot to make a clay pot barbecue rib! I use the original brand of clay pots and love using the liners for easy cleaning; However, you don’t have to. Be sure to grab a meat thermometer as well, which can stay in a closed pot. I think food like ribs, and many types of pork, are perfect in the clay pot, but that’s up to you!

Then you will only need a couple more ingredients.
  • Ribs, St Louis style or other Spices
  • , salt and

  • pepper
  • Brown sugar replacement, but you can use regular brown sugar

  • BBQ sauce Honey
  • mustard, but

  • if you don’t want it sweet, use
  • regular mustard You can also adjust the spices to your liking, but I like my ribs a little sweeter, hence all the

  • brown sugar
  • and

honey mustard. If you’re looking for a real savory dish, skip the sugar and then switch from honey mustard to regular mustard. If you like it more spicy and spicy, add ground red pepper and black pepper. Alternatively, you can use regular brown sugar if you don’t like sugar replacements.

How to make ribs style Crock Pot St Louis It’s


simple to make, and pretty quick in the clay pot, but first, be sure to remove the membrane from the back, mine came without one. You can slide your fingers underneath and it will come off.

Combine all the seasonings together and press on both sides of the ribs, this will create the dry massage. Place in the clay pot. I use a clay pot lining for easy cleaning, but it’s not necessary.

Pour all sauces over the ribs, including some extra brown sugar, and stir them together. Alternatively, you can mix them in a small bowl and pour them on top.

Place the lid in the clay pot and cook for about four hours over low heat. You may need to cook them a little more, depending on the thickness of your ribs, but they should be done within five hours if more time is needed. The more ribs you add, the longer it will need to cook. There you have it! Tender and juicy, falls out of the bone, barbecue ribs.

What to combine with

clay pot


What goes better with ribs? I’d say Mac and cheese gives you that perfect ‘I’m on a BBQ’ vibe.

What else can I do at The Crock Pot

? You should get a clay pot,

even if it’s for making ribs, but I have a bunch of recipes that are perfect to make in the clay pot, including my shredded taco chicken and my clay pot pork loin


What can I do with leftover sauces


Are you buying honey mustard just for this recipe!? Don’t worry, I have a couple of other recipes that use honey mustard like my honey mustard chicken and my sweet mustard skewers.

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