How to Cook Rice in a Cast Iron Dutch Oven (Easy Recipe)

Staub rice cooker recipe

Video Staub rice cooker recipe

Have you ever wondered if you can cook rice in a Dutch oven? Well, you can and I’m going to show you how to cook rice to perfection every time in a Dutch cast iron oven. Follow my recipe below and serve the best fluffy rice, white rice or brown rice, every time.

How to cook Dutch baked rice? The answer to cooking rice in a Dutch oven is 2 cups of rice, 4 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of butter. Bring to a boil and cover with lid. Reduce to lower heat for 15 minutes. Then remove from heat and place it on an unheated surface for another 15 minutes. Remove the lid and stir until fluffy – rice perfectly.

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Cooking rice in a Dutch oven

These days there are so many appliances and appliances for preparing food and cooking that we tend to underutilize pots and pans that we already have at our disposal


We are told that this apparatus will prepare this or that perfectly every time, as well as save us time and money. If we go back to basics and learn how to use the outdated appliances we already have, life would be much simpler.

So, is a Dutch oven the best pot or pan for cooking rice? I’m here to convince you that it is.

Rice on a stove

Why is it so difficult to prepare rice on a stove? There are a number of reasons why rice is not always light and fluffy and not too wet or stuck to the bottom of the pan.

If the perfect ratio of rice to water is not measured correctly.

Rapid boiling at a high temperature with the lid closed does not allow the rice to become tender. Medium to medium-high fire will usually turn all types of rice into a burnt mess at the bottom of your pot.

Simmering too long with the lid of the pot will cause the rice to stick to the bottom of the pot and possibly burn.

Simmer with the lid on and

leave no time for moisture or condensation on the lid to evaporate and you will be presented with sticky sticky rice.

Electric rice cookers have a steam release valve that lights up at the end of the cooking process to release this excess steam and allow the rice to become fluffy.

The good news is that I’m about to teach you how to release this steam using your Dutch cast iron oven to cook rice.

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Why cast iron is perfect for cooking rice

The heavy base of a Dutch oven allows heat to diffuse through the base more evenly. Using a very thin base pot that is heated at the bottom will cause the rice to stick to it.

They retain heat even when using the low heat required for cooking on the stove. Thanks to the tight lid, the moisture generated remains inside the pot. So, during the cooking process, there is plenty of moisture to allow the rice to become soft and fluffy without ticking, drying or undercooking.


secret to perfecting rice every time The

tight lid has peaks from which condensation drips back into the pot. So along with that, you don’t remove the lid or stir the rice throughout the process.

The rice absorbs all the moisture and condensation from the self-cooking action inside the Dutch oven lid without continuing to boil by overheating or simmering to make the rice cook.

Dutch baked


Choose your cast iron rice cooker

Sorry for the pun, but

you don’t want one that’s too big or too small, but fair


The right thing means that there must be adequate space for rice, cold water, the boiling process (I don’t want it to boil on the sides) and steam. When all the ingredients are in the pot, they should be filled to just over half the side of the pot.

A 5-quart pot is a good size.

Want or need help choosing a cast iron pot I have an article on what to look for when choosing an oven with great tips on what to look for before buying.

Tip – The perfect amount of rice to prepare in one batch is a minimum of 2 cups of raw rice. The amount will feed 4 people as an accompaniment or garnish. Remember that leftovers can be refrigerated and reheated or eaten cold the next day.


2 cups long-grain white rice,

  • short-grain white rice, basmati rice, or jasmine
  • rice

  • 4 cups
  • water 1 teaspoon butter or

  • olive oil 1
  • teaspoon salt (optional)

  1. Directions Add
  2. Dutch baked rice

  3. Top with cold water and add a teaspoon of butter or oil and optional salt
  4. Butter prevents rice grains from sticking to other grains of
  5. rice Bring the oven to

  6. a boil
  7. Place the lid in the Dutch oven and set the timer for 15 minutes to simmer After 15 minutes,

  8. turn off the heat
  9. Remove from the burner

  10. on which it was cooked to a cold burner
  11. Do not remove the lid or stir
  12. the rice Set the timer

  13. to 15 minutes
  14. When the

  15. Timer
  16. turns off
  17. , your rice will be ready Stir and fluff the rice and

  18. you’re
  19. ready

  20. Serve with soy sauce
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The correct measurements of rice and liquids, as well as using your kitchen timer, will provide you with soft rice ready to fluff every time


If you like the taste of butter in your rice and want to add a teaspoon of butter while fluffing the rice, you can. But it is not necessary.

An added benefit of preparing rice in your Dutch oven is that it stays warm until heated for a long time thanks to the heat properties in cast iron.

My favorite rice to use is Basmati. I buy in bulk and they deliver it to me because it’s cheap and I don’t have to take it from the market to the car and home.

Instructions for preparing

brown rice

To be perfectly cooked, certain types of raw rice such as brown rice require a long cooking time. You can rinse the rice to remove excess starch, but, rinsing the rice with the husk still does not affect the result of the cooked rice.

  • Perform the steps described above 1 to 11
  • in step 5

  • After the water starts to boil, set the timer for
  • 20-25 minutes

  • Then, in step 9, another 20-25 minutes after removing it from the hot burner


Check out the brown rice I use here…


of white rice, you can use long-grain brown rice or wild rice. Just keep in mind that cooking time and water measurements may need to be adjusted slightly.

Use ghee or butter oil can also be used in place of oil for extra flavor



Try chicken broth or vegetable broth instead of plain water. This adds flavor to the rice and the seasoning can be used in a variety of recipes.

LengthTextureFlavors Use rice forgrowing regionsProteinFat Cooking time

In this video, you will see my fluffy Basmati rice cooked in my

Dutch oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cooking rice in a Dutch oven Le Creuset The process for cooking

rice in a

Dutch oven

is the same regardless of the brand of oven you own. If you have a Dutch Le Creuset oven you are one of the lucky ones and you will love serving this hot and fluffy rice straight off the plate.

Can you cook rice in cast iron?

Yes, cast iron retains heat better than any other pan that covers it with its heavy lid that keeps moisture. The rice is steamed on the stove until soft and tasty. It is not necessary to drain the water, use a fork to fluff it and transfer it to a bowl and enjoy.

Store cooked

rice in the refrigerator in an airtight container or covered plate for up to 5 days

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. How to reheat rice You can


the rice in the

microwave in 30-second increments until it is hot, and cover it with a damp paper towel so the rice does not dry out. Reheat the cooked rice in a baking dish in the oven, add a small amount of water and cover with foil. For best results, simmer for 10 minutes by removing the dish to taste the heat stir with a wooden spoon. Return if more heat is required.

Reheat on the stove over low heat by adding 1/8 cup of water to each cup of rice and a little butter if desired. Stir continuously while overheating.

See my in-depth article that shows you how to successfully reheat all types of leftover rice.

Should I rinse the rice before cooking? Yes,

you should rinse the rice before cooking

. Rinsing rice helps remove excess starch, which can make cooked rice sticky. It also helps remove any dirt or dust that may be on the surface of the grains.

To rinse the rice, place it in a fine-mesh strainer and run cold water over it until the water comes out clear. Drain the rinsed rice in a strainer before using it for cooking.


Can you cook rice in Le Creuset?

Yes, you can! Le Creuset has launched a rice cooker, designed specifically to prepare rice. This rice cooker prepares smaller amounts than I have described above.

Check out the new Le Creuset rice cooker.

Check out my favorite Dutch oven, the exclusive Le Creuset Enameled 5.5-Quart Signature Dutch Oven in my article.

Finally: how to cook rice in a

Dutch cast iron oven

This is the easiest way to cook perfect rice every time, and it’s all done in a pot!

Fluffy cooked rice every time. What more could you ask for? So take out your little workhorse and try the rice preparation technique above. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

If you don’t have a cast iron Dutch oven, you should check out this Japanese dish specially designed specifically to prepare the perfect rice. Just go to Amazon here to see the reviews and pricing for you.

Any chance that it has convinced you to throw away an unused and desired kitchen appliance (electric rice cooker) that is taking up valuable storage space or countertop in your kitchen?

You’ll be convinced once you prepare your rice the way I’ve described above. I seriously prepared another batch this morning for dinner tonight just to make sure!!!

At Ovenspot I am committed to providing you with quick and easy recipe ideas, using fresh ingredients, which are prepared “all in one pot”.

Rocks for cooking from a pot

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