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Terlingua chili cook off recipes

Video Terlingua chili cook off recipes

A classic red chili pepper with layers of flavor and a little heat. Simple to do and absolutely perfect.

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homemade recipe with love. There are millions of chili recipes out there, but this is my favorite. It is named (by me) after the most famous chili cuisine in the world, in a part of the country where chili is a bit spicy and has few or no beans. As is my recipe, it has never gone into that chili cuisine, but I would be proud to enter it any day.

🧂 Ingredients

This is an overview of the ingredients. You will find the complete measurements and instructions in the printable recipe at the bottom of the page.

You will need the following for this terlingua chili:

Many people say that the best chili recipe is complex, with layers of flavor. And then things start to get crazy. Dried chili peppers, coffee extract, strange vegetables and other unnecessary additions find their way into some recipes. This one doesn’t have anything too strange, but it still has tons of flavor.

Most chili is pure ground beef, but I always use meatloaf mix because I feel it’s more tender and tasty. But when I use plain ground beef, no one can tell the difference except me, so don’t be afraid to substitute it if that’s what you have on hand.

All other ingredients are very simple, pantry ingredients. Look for chilies in adobo sauce in the international aisle of the grocery store. They add a smoky, spicy flavor to the chili that is delicious.

  • soft bread torn into quarters milk meat pie
  • mixture or 80% ground beef
  • salt
  • black pepper fat bacon

  • or vegetable oil
  • onions
  • chili finely chopped

  • cumin
  • powder crushed red pepper

  • oregano
  • cayenne

  • pepper
  • garlic

  • cloves
  • pressed through a garlic press
  • crushed tomatoes
  • whole

  • pinto beans
  • rinsed soy sauce brown sugar

  • Finely chopped
  • chilies in adobo

  • sauce
  • Beer half bottle
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  • large bowl
  • Dutch oven
  • or heavy bottom pot slow

  • cooker or pressure cooker (optional)


Step One: Mix the Ingredients

This recipe is one of those that seems strange while you’re making it. The first step is to pour milk over a few pieces of bread and crush it into a paste. This seems strange. But panade makes the meat stay tender during the cooking process and is worth it. The milk/bread paste is mixed with the meat until it looks like this:

I know. It will get prettier.

Step Two: Cook

the Onion and Garlic Onions and garlic

are cooked with the dried seasoning in bacon fat or vegetable oil, and then the meat is added and browned.

oil, onion, garlic, red pepper, oregano and other spices dried in stainless steel pot with wooden spatula
cooked oil, onions, garlic, red pepper, oregano and other spices dried in stainless steel pot with wooden spatula

Step three: add the rest of the

ingredients and cook over low heat Then

add the beans, tomatoes and other ingredients

. Simmer for

1 hour in the pot, or transfer for a slow cooker and simmer for 6-8 hours


As there is a bit of heat, it is very good topped with sour cream and cheese. We also like Terlingua chili pepper with crushed tortilla chips and cilantro.


Storage instructions Once cooled, store

  • it in an airtight container in the fridge for 3-4 days. Once
  • the

  • chili has cooled, you can safely store it in freezer-safe airtight containers.

🔍 Frequently Asked

👩🏻 🍳 Questions Expert Tips

  • Don’t forget to drain the beans before using them or, better yet, Use fresh beans.
  • Always bring your chili to the right level of thickness.
  • You can cook this recipe the day before or all the fresh flavors can merge and settle until all the ingredients become a harmonious whole.
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