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For you, your phone is your trusted travel companion, navigator, communicator, and memory maker. For a pickpocket, it’s a very easy way to earn $500.

We rely so heavily on our electronic devices that we sometimes forget how vulnerable they are to theft, hacking, and damage. That’s why you should take extra steps to keep your electronic devices safe while traveling, with anti-theft backpacks, rugged laptop cases, travel insurance, and other precautions.

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how to keep your technology safe from thieves

The safest and most foolproof way to prevent your devices from being stolen: leave them at home. instead of bringing your ipad, could you load e-books on your old kindle? instead of using your apple watch, could you dust off your old mickey mouse model?

If you need to take your phone or other device with you, always keep in mind where you keep it. if you absentmindedly stuff it in your back pocket or leave it on a table while you order your coffee, it could be gone in the blink of an eye. be especially vigilant when traveling to a city known for pickpockets, like barcelona, ​​paris, or prague, or for street crime, like rio de janeiro or caracas.1-2

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a clever idea: an anti-theft backpack. Travelon’s classic anti-theft backpack looks perfectly ordinary, but its nondescript exterior hides some theft deterrents. It’s reinforced with flexible steel mesh to prevent thieves from cutting through the pack or straps, and includes a lockable compartment for your valuables. whatever bag you bring, make it discreet. A Nikon-branded camera bag makes a very attractive lens.

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keep your technology safe from hackers

do you think no thief would want your old and battered macbook? you may be right, but what about the information stored in it? To keep your laptop safe on the go, encrypt (or delete) sensitive files, such as scanned personal or financial documents, business information, password lists, etc. network) that will work in your destination country. travel blogger matt nomadic has a great introduction to using vpn while traveling, as well as some suggested providers.

Consider installing tracking software like prey, which not only locates your stolen computer or phone, but can even send you a photo of the person using it and allows you to lock your device remotely. A word of warning: don’t try to track down the thief yourself. running down an alley in budapest, yelling “hey! that’s my macbook!” it could end very badly. instead, take your evidence to the local police.

keep your technology safe from accidents

As you approach the top of Siena’s 289-foot Torre del Mangia, you pull out your phone to take a picture. it escapes you and clatters down the steps. porca vacca!, as the Italians would say.

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To keep your phone safe when you’re on the go, consider upgrading your case to one that’s designed to withstand bumps. Otterbox’s Defender Series is considered one of the best for impact protection. customers have shared stories about phones flying off roller coasters or sliding down race tracks and surviving. The Ballistic Hard Core Tactical Case is another promising rugged 12-foot drop protection. If your travel plans include boat trips or beaches, look for covers that are also waterproof. Lifeproof cases for phones and tablets are waterproof for up to one hour when submerged as deep as 6.6 feet.

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Protecting laptops while traveling is a bit more difficult. If you’re hiking, taking a motorcycle ride, or planning other rough and tumble expeditions, you may want to invest in a high-quality, rugged laptop case. Pelican makes some of the best laptop backpacks for adventurers, with built-in shockproof and waterproof cases. Some models are also TSA-ready, making it easy to get through airport security.

It’s always wise to back up your travel photos while you’re on the road, just in case your camera, phone or laptop suffers a fatal blow. bring a small external hard drive or upload your memories to the cloud.

keep your technology safe with travel insurance

Does travel insurance cover stolen or damaged devices? it depends. if you break your phone by dropping it, that loss will not be covered. But if your electronic devices are lost, stolen, or damaged by your common carrier, such as the airline or tour operator, your travel insurance must cover the loss up to a certain amount. the onetrip premier plan, for example, includes up to $2,000 in coverage for lost or damaged luggage.

If you travel frequently for business and need your laptop, phone or camera for work, you should protect yourself with an annual travel insurance plan that covers business equipment. the alltrips executive plan, a business travel insurance plan from allianz global assistance, includes up to $1,000 to cover reasonable equipment rental costs if your equipment is damaged, plus up to $1,000 to repair or replace your equipment. You also get a host of other coverage, including up to $50,000 in emergency medical and dental benefits and up to $45,000 in collision damage/loss insurance on your rental car. travel happy!

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