What blood tests are done for life insurance

To paraphrase noted insurance expert ben franklin, all that’s certain in life is death, taxes, and no one likes getting a life insurance blood test.

And yet, at some point you may need to get one if you’re applying for a life insurance policy. To better understand why, and what to expect, we asked our Have Life customer success team a few questions. (The experience turned out to be relatively painless for everyone.) their answers are below.

Reading: What blood tests are done for life insurance

why is a blood test necessary for a life insurance medical exam?

In short, the life insurance blood test is part of your insurer’s overall attempt to assess your overall health, so they can charge you the correct rate for your life insurance policy. With the life insurance blood test, they will look for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or glucose levels, as well as indications of nicotine, tobacco, or drug use.

Depending on your results, you may be able to qualify for one of the best underwriting rate classes from an insurer. For the best results (and lowest life insurance premiums), you’ll generally want to belong to the following groups:


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