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A primary care physician (pcp), or primary care provider, is a health care professional who practices general medicine. pcps are our first stop for medical care. Most PCPS are physicians, but nurse practitioners and physician assistants can sometimes be PCPS as well.

A pcp is the person your child should see for a routine checkup or non-emergency medical care. If your child has a low-grade fever, cough or rash, or is short of breath or nauseated, a PCP can usually find the cause and decide what to do about it.

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pcps can usually treat conditions in their own offices. if they can’t, they can refer you and your child to a trusted specialist. If your child needs ongoing treatment or is admitted to a hospital, the PCP can oversee the care, help you make treatment decisions, or refer you to other specialists if needed.

One of the most important jobs of a pcp is to help prevent children from getting sick in the first place. this is called preventive care.

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The best preventive care means:


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