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Caught driving without insurance is risky. In addition to putting you in financial jeopardy and risking losing your driving privileges, you can also be issued an SR50 in Indiana if you drive without car insurance.

auto insurance companies issue sr50 certificates to prove you have the required minimum liability insurance coverage.

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having an sr50 form probably also means higher car insurance rates.

learn about sr50 auto insurance issues and how this certificate may affect you and your ability to drive.

what is sr50 insurance in indiana?

an sr50 certificate is a valid affidavit of insurance. It is not an auto insurance policy. An SR50 Certificate of Compliance validates that you have the minimum liability coverage required in Indiana.

brian martucci, the minneapolis-based finance editor of money crashers, says you may be required to submit an sr50 certificate if:

  • caught driving without minimum auto insurance coverage in indiana
  • involved in a car accident reported to the indiana bureau of motor vehicles (bmv)
  • receiver of three traffic violations in 12 months
  • charged with a driving-related offense (misdemeanor or felony)
  • charged with a traffic violation while driving with a license suspension for lack of proof of financial responsibility.
  • “In most cases, filing an SR50 certificate is only necessary if you receive a notice from the state advising you of this requirement,” says Mark Friedlander, director of corporate communications for the Institute of Insurance Information in St. John’s, Florida.

    adds that indiana is the only state that requires the filing of an sr50 form (where sr stands for “security liability”).

    indiana sr-50 insurance requirements

    If Indiana requires you to file an SR50 document, it must be attached to your current auto insurance policy and your auto insurance company must file it on your behalf with the BMV. The document indicates the effective and expiration dates of your insurance policy.

    “Usually only one SR50 is required for the current period of insurance, which usually means six months, minimum. but how long it takes for an sr50 to remain in force is at the discretion of bmv,” adds friedlander.

    the presentation of an sr50 is a unique event. you do not need to refile every year or for a certain number of years.

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    “But you’ll need to refile if you’re involved in another situation that requires it, like being charged with a different or repeated traffic violation,” says Martucci.

    You must have a current and valid auto insurance policy with sufficient coverage limits to legally drive after receiving notice that you must file an SR50 form. The required liability coverage limits, which are the same for other drivers in Indiana, are:


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