What is CHAMPVA Health Insurance?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA) Civilian Health and Medical Program is a comprehensive health care program in which VA shares the cost of covered health care services and supplies with eligible beneficiaries.

champva is a health insurance program provided by the department of veterans affairs to beneficiaries of dec. there are no premiums. coverage is free. however, there are deductibles and copays associated with the use of this coverage. after a $50 annual deductible, the participant pays 25% of the covered amount. Participating providers agree to accept 75% of the amount billed and this is called the covered amount. the covered amount is very similar to the way medicare pays doctors and hospitals. in fact, any provider that accepts medicare has to accept champ va. Certain VA medical centers will also accept Champ VA participants and, if the center accepts the insured, medical care is free, except for prescription co-pays.

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many survivors in dec are wary of signing up for champ va due to the requirement to pay 25% of the covered amount. In practice, this copay is, so to speak, no different from any other insurance plan. once the participant has paid $3,000 out of pocket for her, there is no cost for health services thereafter. champ va pays 100% of the rest.

Because of the similarity between Champva and the Department of Defense (DOD) TriCare program (sometimes referred to by its former name, Champus), the two are often confused with each other. champva is a program of the department of veterans affairs, while tricare is a regionally administered health care program for active duty and retired members of the uniformed services, their families, and survivors.

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In some cases, a veteran may appear eligible for either program on paper. however, if you are a retired military member or the spouse of a veteran who was killed in combat, you are and will always be a tricare beneficiary, you cannot choose between the two.

champva eligibility

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To be eligible for champva, you cannot be eligible for tricare/champus and must be in one of these categories:


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