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What is special financing and could it help me buy a car? | RoadLoans

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Special financing is a term often used to describe auto loans for consumers with poor credit,* which can include people who have been through bankruptcy or foreclosure, and those with limited credit histories.

There are many companies in the auto finance industry willing to accept subprime loan applications, so if your credit is poor, there may be a lender willing to offer you the financing to help you get ahead.

First, keep in mind that auto loans for people with bad credit tend to have higher APRs than those offered to consumers with better credit. This balances the risk.

If approved, depending on factors like the loan amount and the type of car they want to buy, many people will opt for a used vehicle over a new one.

The main loan options for buyers seeking such financing include banks, credit unions, auto dealers, and online finance companies.

Dealers are convenient places to buy a car and get financing at the same time, but be aware of the difference between “buy here, pay here” dealers, who don’t use a third party for financing, and other dealers Of automobiles. dealers, yes.

Buy Here Pay Here dealers, who offer in-house financing, may have higher interest rates than other options. “Even if you have no credit or no credit, it may be worth seeing if there is a bank, credit union, other lender, or other dealer that is willing to make you a loan,” says the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Many banks, credit unions, and online lenders, such as roadloans, allow consumers to request approval before purchasing a vehicle. The CFPB recommends getting pre-approved as it allows car buyers to compare the offers they receive and helps them save time and stay within budget at the dealership.

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4 tips for buying a car with special financing

  1. check your credit history review your credit history reports, on which credit scores are based, to check for errors that could limit your access to credit and dispute them if needed.
  2. Estimate What You Can Afford Use auto loan calculators to estimate how much you can afford to spend on a car, taking into account things like down payment and equity value. exchange, and what could be an affordable monthly payment. A down payment will be a requirement in many cases and can help a borrower by lowering the loan amount and loan costs.
  1. choose the right lender look for a lender that accepts applications from consumers with poor credit histories and has experience in providing them with special financing. As a full spectrum lender, Roadloans has years of experience working with clients with challenging credit situations and offers the same hassle-free process, regardless of credit score. we also do our best to work with consumers who need a loan with little or no down payment requirement.
  1. Apply with a co-applicant If you’re having trouble getting approved, consider applying with a co-applicant for a joint auto loan. co-borrowers share equal rights to the vehicle and loan obligations, which is another way to reduce bad credit risk.

Do I qualify for a loan?

It won’t take long to find out if you can get special auto financing from roadloans. our one page application takes a few minutes to complete and you will receive an instant decision, with multiple personalized offers for approved applicants. If you are currently going through the bankruptcy process, please note that we only accept applications from consumers once their bankruptcy has been discharged.

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Where can I buy a good vehicle?

When you’re looking for a reliable vehicle, it’s good to know that roadloans works with a nationwide network of trusted dealers. These dealers can show customers select, high-quality models that meet our age, mileage, and financing standards, so they can buy with confidence and enjoy miles of happy driving ahead.

apply for a car loan online.

* “Bad” or “poor” credit is generally considered a FICO score of around 600 or below by sources including the Consumer Federation of America and the National Credit Reporting Association (reported by the Associated Press),,, investopedia, and others. The Congressional Budget Office identifies a FICO score of 620 as the “cutoff” for prime lending. fico scores are not the only factor in and santander consumer usa’s credit decisions.

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