What is the best car insurance for college students

The best car insurance for college students is from AAA, Geico, and Travelers because they offer the lowest prices and good customer service, according to Wallethub’s 2021 review. The best student car insurance companies can save you up to $900 per year for young drivers, compared to the worst options.

10 best auto insurance companies for college students

  • yyyy: $792
  • geico: $973
  • travellers: $879
  • united states: $879
  • surance: $987
  • progressive: $1,004
  • state farm: $1,251
  • statewide: $1,268
  • mutual liberty: $1,228
  • the hartford: $1,293
  • Students should also consider joining their parents’ policy if they share a permanent address, as this may be the cheapest option for many. Alternatively, students who don’t drive often but need their own auto insurance policy can opt for usage-based insurance, which could significantly reduce how much they pay for coverage.

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    best auto insurance companies for college students

    The best auto insurance for college students is from AAA because it has the lowest premiums and offers a variety of discounts, such as good student, out-of-school student, and young new driver discounts. However, it’s worth noting that drivers must be AAA members to qualify for the company’s insurance coverage. membership fees vary by region, but a basic plan costs between $38 and $90 a year and includes the company’s main roadside assistance service.

    geico is one of the best auto insurance companies for college students due to its competitive rates, easy-to-navigate website and app, and varied coverage options. college students may also qualify for good student and driver education discounts, among others.

    Travellers is one of the cheapest insurers for college students, and the company offers discounts for good students, out-of-school students, and driver training, among others. In addition, customers can choose an optional “responsible driver” plan from travelers to prevent an at-fault accident and/or minor traffic violation from increasing their fares.

    usaa is only available to veterans, members of the military, and their families, but is an affordable option for qualifying college students. In addition, USAA offers a variety of different types of insurance, making it easy for eligible college students to combine auto insurance with renters insurance or another type of coverage. usaa also offers various discounts applicable to college students.

    esurance provides affordable coverage for college students, though it’s worth noting that the company doesn’t write policies in every state. Esurance offers discounts for good students, punctuality and affiliation, among others. For example, college students at the PAC-12 conference, as well as PAC-12 alumni, can save with specially discounted rates from Esurance.

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    progressive tends to rank well in wallethub’s cheap car insurance surveys, and their premiums for college students are no exception. College students can also take advantage of a variety of discounts, such as teen driver, distant student, and good student discounts. In addition, the company offers a tool to name your price, which can help college students find an affordable policy.

    state farm offers competitive rates for college students along with a variety of optional add-ons, such as rideshare insurance, travel expense coverage, and rental reimbursement. College students can also save with the company’s good student, out-of-school student and driver training discounts. State Farm is the nation’s largest insurer, writing policies in all 50 states, making it a good option for students looking to purchase insurance from a large company.

    allstate offers affordable premiums and a pay-per-mile insurance option, which is a good option for college students who don’t use their car for regular commuting. drivers who are college students may also qualify for a “smart student” discount if they have good grades or complete the teen smart driver education program. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Allstate earned a high score from the editors of WalletHub for its claims services, as drivers can file a claim online, through the app, or by using a 24-hour claims support phone line. hours, 7 days a week.

    liberty mutual offers low prices for college students, as well as opportunities to save through great student discounts and for students who attend school. college students can also take advantage of several additional options, such as car rental reimbursement and roadside assistance. Another benefit of buying a liberty mutual policy is that the company’s website and claims systems are simple and easy to use.

    Although Hartford is known for its AARP auto insurance program, the company also provides competitively priced coverage to college students. college-educated drivers can also save more with the company’s nice student discount.

    comparison of the best auto insurance companies for college students

    The average cost of auto insurance for a college student is $1,257. AAA is the best auto insurance company for college students to get their own policy on, because they tend to offer premiums that are below the national average. On the other hand, the best auto insurance company to add a college student to a parent’s existing policy is Geico.

    auto insurance discounts for college students

    College students can take advantage of great student discounts, which are available from each of the 10 largest insurers. to qualify, drivers typically need to maintain a b average or better.

    Also, some insurers provide a “student in school” discount for young drivers who keep their car more than 100 miles away from their college or university. college student discounts may also include savings for completing a driver education course (or equivalent driver training).

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    Some colleges, fraternities and sororities are also affiliated with certain insurance companies, which means members may receive discounts. And like any other driver, college students should also look for general discounts.

    tips for finding cheap car insurance for college students

    compare quotes

    Comparing quotes is important for anyone shopping for auto insurance, as premiums vary widely from company to company. however, it is especially important for college students because they generally pay more due to their age.

    take advantage of the discounts

    College students should look for good student and out-of-school student discounts, as well as driver training discounts. Check for non-college discounts, too, and don’t be afraid to call your insurance company to make sure you get all the discounts you’re eligible for.

    evaluate your coverage options

    In many states, the minimum liability requirements are not enough to protect you from the financial consequences of a serious accident. But everyone’s circumstances are different, so do your research before selecting your coverage types and amounts. For example, if you drive an old car that isn’t worth much, it might be better to save up for a new car rather than spend more on full coverage insurance.

    stay on your family policy when possible

    Most college students are eligible to stay on their family’s auto insurance, which is often cheaper than getting your own policy. On the other hand, it might be cheaper to buy your own policy if one of your family members has a bad driving record, or if you’re going to college in an area with cheaper auto insurance. Plus, you’ll need your own policy if you’re no longer considered a dependent or if you move permanently.


    wallehub editors ranked 17 car insurance companies to determine the best cheap car insurance for college students. the companies were evaluated based on:


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