5 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in the U.S. (2022)

Who has cheapest insurance rates


  1. the cheapest car insurance companies by category
  2. cheapest states for auto insurance
  3. how to get cheap car insurance
  4. methodology
  5. Frequently asked questions about cheap car insurance
  6. cheapest car insurance companies by category

    • cheaper for full coverage
    • cheaper after one ticket
    • cheaper for an at-fault accident
    • cheaper for dui
    • cheaper for poor credit
    • cheaper for young drivers
    • cheaper for older drivers
    • the cheapest car insurance companies with full coverage

      the cheapest car insurance companies after a fine

      After a speeding ticket, most drivers will see their insurance rates increase for 3-5 years. however, the extent to which premiums increase after a ticket can vary significantly by insurance company.

      cheapest car insurance companies for drivers in an at-fault accident

      An at-fault accident will increase a driver’s average auto insurance premium by about 50% over 3-5 years. however, the penalty is more severe with some insurance companies than others. learn what an at-fault accident is & how to deal with one.

      8 tips to get cheap car insurance

      1. get a car that is cheap to cover.

      2. be on your best behavior.

      3. Take advantage of the discounts.

      4. build good credit.

      Your credit score will often factor into your auto insurance rates: People with no credit pay 67% more than people with excellent credit on average. Insurers know that financial responsibility often correlates with responsibility in other areas of life. People with bad credit are more likely to file an insurance claim. To boost your credit score, always pay your credit accounts on time and try to use less than 30% of your available credit.

      5. search locally.

      6. choose a higher deductible.

      7. select less complete coverage.

      8. consider pay-per-mile plans.

      methodology to select the cheapest car insurance companies

      WalletHub’s analysis of cheap car insurance companies is based on data from Quadrant Information Services and state DMVs. Along with that data, Wallethub used the features listed below to create a driver profile designed to identify the cheapest car insurance companies nationwide. Since prices and data availability vary widely across the country, Wallethub compared the cost of major auto insurance companies by averaging the premiums of each insurer in the three largest states.

      In the table below, you can see all the profile characteristics that were used in the wallethub analysis.

      • minimum coverage: State minimum coverage requirements.
      • Standard Coverage: Coverage levels of 50k/100k/25k liability coverage and 50k/100k/25k uninsured motorist coverage.
      • full coverage: coverage levels of 100k/300k/50k liability coverage, 100k/300k/50k uninsured motorist coverage, and comprehensive and collision coverage with a $500 deductible .
      • sedan: 2018 toyota camry.
      • minivan: 2018 dodge grand caravan.
      • offroad: 2018 toyota rav4.
      • coupe: 2018 ford mustang.
      • truck: 2018 ford f-150.
      • video: cheapest car insurance companies

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