Who has the cheapest car insurance in ontario

In Ontario, esurance offers the cheapest car insurance with comprehensive coverage and for drivers with speeding tickets. progressive has the cheapest statewide minimum coverage widely available, though if you’re in the military, usaa might be another affordable option. Moneygeek’s pick for the best overall auto insurance company is aaa, with its balance of excellent customer service and affordability.

The cheapest auto insurance companies in Ontario that offer widely available full coverage policies are:

Reading: Who has the cheapest car insurance in ontario

  • insurance: $1,053 per year
  • progressive: $1154 per year
  • Current or former military members and their families can purchase coverage from usaa, which offers the second cheapest average rate in the city at $1,102 a year.

    esurance is the most affordable option for ontario drivers looking for comprehensive coverage. An insurance policy is 72% less than a policy from Allied, Ontario’s most expensive insurer. Full coverage policies are those that include both comprehensive and collision insurance. Remember that your premium may vary for full coverage, depending on the liability limits you select.

    the cheapest car insurance in ontario

    moneygeek obtained average rates for a 40-year-old male driver with full coverage auto insurance, based on our methodology.

    Full coverage auto insurance is more expensive than a policy that only meets the state’s minimum requirements, but includes comprehensive and collision insurance. That comprehensive coverage gives you additional protection against the cost of repairing damage to your vehicle.


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