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Isn’t it surprising that people ask how old is the standard insurer? she seems to have been there from day one. We are not talking about an insurance lady in general, this article will be about a lady from a specific insurance agency. She has done numerous commercials for this agency.

however, standard insurance is an insurance company that has the iconic lady from standard insurance in its numerous commercials. standard insurance is an insurance company that features the iconic lady from standard insurance for its numerous commercials. the lady we’ll talk about soon. this article will walk you through everything about it. so how old is the standard insurance lady?

How old is a standard insurance lady?

this lady who has worked for standard insurance for many years to be known as the lady of standard insurance is none other than lisa victoria chapman jones. she was born on August 15, 1961, so she is currently 60 years old. She grew up in New York City and New Jersey. she is an american woman who married kenneth s. brown and gave birth to the daughter of her in 2005.

He also has an accomplished sister, Dr. Kellie Jones, who is part of the Department of Art History and Archeology as an Associate Professor at Columbia University. Her parents were the poets Hettie Jones and Amiri Baraka. her in 2013 she won the adrienne hall award for breaking barriers. lisa is a woman with strong convictions and expresses her purpose.

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During her time there, she was known for her columns featuring some bulletproof diva selections: stories of race, sex, and hair that bring her new perspective to life and a broader audience.


joined various organizations and demonstrated her leadership as an advisor and an icon for influential women. she also held the position of vice president of the chubb group of insurance companies. She was also part of the staff of the people’s voice in 1984 for 15 years. His other written works were a memoir titled Good Girl in a Bad Dress and published in 1999. He also co-wrote three books that served as companion books to his films: Uplift the Race: The Building of School Daze, Do the Right Thing, and the more blues the better.

he also wrote plays like carmella & king kong and mixed skin. She was also the brilliant mind behind Aunt Aida’s tainted, ethnically cleansed hand. all three were made for the new American radio series. She was also an active member of the Caldonia rodeo. the members are all women who were motivated by feminist performance collectives; and they focus heavily on women of color, specifically their identities!

Did the standard insurance lady have plastic surgery?

according to some people on twitter, lisa jones has been doing commercials since they were kids and 40 years later she’s still doing it. is she the next queen elizabeth? an apparently immortal being? it’s a joke! This woman who has apparently not aged in the last 30 years has intrigued viewers of her for years.

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However, there is no legitimate evidence or public records of undergoing any plastic surgery. the only obvious signs of his age are when looking at his hands and arms. This is possible because, for a time in the past, female agents had little record of their commercial lives and industrial activities. it was much more common for a man to do this job and be respected in the business world.

what does the standard insurance lady do?

In short, she is an agent who is also a commercial actress. commercial actor is a title that speaks for itself, that being said they are people who act in advertising commercials. Do you want to see the face of the insurance lady? If yes, read here about the real insurance lady. She can be there for the entire length of the ad or just appear in the background and she will still be considered a paid actor or actress.

it is unlikely that a commercial actor will remain alone as a commercial actor. many times these are hobbyists looking for exposure and commercials are the way to go.

In some cases, well-known actors and actresses are asked to do a commercial for some big companies like amazon, coca-cola, smart, globe, etc. you can even find them trading at world events. It doesn’t just stop with TV actors, any influential figure would. take some politicians, athletes, internet influencers, doctors, disaster survivors, and even some people who were only known because they became a meme. any of these influencers can turn a commercial into a hit.

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So, you know how old the standard insurance lady is. The standard insurance lady has been around for a questionable period in her commercials, but she doesn’t even try to look up plastic surgery stories because it’s all hidden. it is a mystery how she has maintained her youthful appearance despite her undeniable age. For more articles on insurance, you can read here why women need life insurance and for additional information, read what is concealment in insurance. thanks for reading


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