What is the Best Life Insurance for People over 50 Years Old? | Guardian

Life insurance is designed to help protect those who will be financially affected by your death, and different types of policies can protect them in different ways. Depending on your situation and needs, there are many reasons to consider getting 50+ life insurance.

1. family Protection. People start families later and many people in their 50s still have children at home. Life insurance can help offset lost income, help protect your family from losing their home, help pay for your children’s college, and allow your spouse to take time off work to care for your family’s needs. family. At age 50 and older, term life insurance will generally be the most affordable option for obtaining the necessary death benefit to help ensure your family is well.

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2. coverage of final expenses. These policies are specifically designed to cover costs related to funeral and death, but nothing more. They have a low benefit amount that can be affordable, even for people in their 60s and 70s, and usually don’t ask health questions or require a medical exam. Funeral costs often exceed $10,000, and there may also be final medical and/or hospice costs after you’re gone. A final expense policy can help ease these financial burdens on your family, but it won’t help replace the income of your financial dependents.

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3. business protection. If you’re a business owner or partner, having a business continuity plan in place can be critical to ensuring your business is taken care of. Whole life insurance can help provide the capital needed to buy out a deceased owner’s interest and protect the business against the loss of a key person’s services, experience, and skills. life insurance can help address four main areas of business planning:


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