Why is car insurance so expensive for young male drivers

Why Young Males Pay The Most Expensive Auto Insurance PremiumsThere are a few reasons why young males pay the most expensive auto insurance premiums these days. Historical statistics prove young males have certain characteristics that most auto insurance companies consider risky and this results in increased auto insurance premiums for that driver type.

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Reading: Why is car insurance so expensive for young male drivers

Young teenage male drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 represent a large number of consumers looking for car insurance for the first time and this is another reason why auto insurance companies put their numbers at such a low level. tall. As these numbers continue to rise, there seems to be no way for the young males to catch a break.

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Fortunately, each of these factors can be changed with the help of parent involvement and new laws passed by state legislators.

The National Institutes of Health shows that male teen drivers improve their driving when they have an older, more mature passenger with them.

This is probably attributed to the passenger experience and the feeling of safety the teen feels should the unexpected happen.

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If more programs are implemented in the United States, it is quite possible that these statistics for young male drivers will improve over time, thereby lowering their average car insurance rates.

they are thrill seekers

Young male drivers seek thrills by way of speeding many times. They take more risks than young female drivers do and this contributes to their high car insurance premiums. In fact, the California Department of Motor Vehicles, explains how speed, combined with inexperience behind the wheel plays a role in fatal accidents each year.Why Do Young Males Pay The Most Expensive Auto Insurance Premiums

they tend to be much more confident because they have a driver’s license and assume they can handle emergency situations. this leads to worse behavior, including breaking the most dangerous traffic laws.

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Young male drivers often disobey traffic signals and run red lights. they also come closer more often.

All of these negative behaviors have put them in the worst category when it comes to auto insurance companies and they judge them all equally.

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Instead of being viewed as individuals, most male drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 are perceived as being most at risk.

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Even inexperienced male drivers over the age of 30 are not charged the same rates as their younger counterparts because even if they don’t have as many years behind the wheel, their age makes them much more responsible.

less likely to use seat belts

Young male drivers are also less likely to utilize seat belts, assuming air bags will cushion the blow of a head-on collision and side impact air bags will take care of the rest. Why Youthful Males Pay The Most Expensive Auto Insurance PremiumsUnfortunately, this is a myth that many believe to be factual.

when in reality, air bags should be used in conjunction with seat belts, not as a replacement. Less than 20% of young male drivers use seat belts regularly, and of that small number, only about 10% use them correctly.

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This is another reason they pay the price when it comes to auto insurance. The auto insurance industry takes all the statistics provided by the various traffic and safety reports and uses this data to compile its data.

If young male drivers began enforcing even the most rudimentary safety procedures, the rates would drop substantially. In two to five years, the number of fatal accidents due to not wearing seat belts would decrease and would have a significant impact on the auto insurance industry’s rate calculations.

they tend to carry more passengers

Young male drivers often carry more passengers than young female drivers. In 2010, the state of New Jersey, created a law called, Kyleigh’s Law, named after a 16-year old teenager who was killed by another teen driver. Why Young Males Pay The Most Expensive Auto Insurance Premiums Than OthersWhile the law does not directly address the issue of having too many passengers in a vehicle, it does help police officers identify drivers under the age of 21 with just a glance at their license plate.

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Many other states around the country are beginning to create similar laws in an effort to raise awareness of these types of tragedies. if they are successful, it will not only save lives, but also help reduce the amount of money teens pay for car insurance.

In the past, it was difficult to determine the age of a driver with more than one passenger in the vehicle, especially after dark; however, with these types of laws in place, safety can start to come to the fore.

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alcohol often enters the situation

Teen boys with facial hair can pass as older and are usually the purchasers of alcohol for their friends. They also become the designated drivers more often than teen girls do. When inexperience and alcohol come together, the results are often devastating.Why Young Males Pay The Most Expensive Auto Insurance Premiums After A DUI

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, of the number of teen drivers killed in fatal car crashes in 2006, approximately 31% had high blood alcohol content or blood alcohol greater than twice the legal limit. Unfortunately, these statistics continue to rise each year and this is one of the main reasons auto insurance companies assess high rates for young drivers ages 16-20.

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In recent years, many states have instituted programs targeting this specific age group; using social media such as facebook and twitter as their main platform.

These same states have also begun imposing much higher fines on alcohol sellers who continue to sell their products to underage drinkers.

Adolescent boys concentrate less than girls

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Have you ever heard the saying women can multi-task? Well, to a certain degree, this is true. Most women are able to complete more than one task at a time, where as men are more focused on completing one task at a time.Why Young Males Pay The Most Expensive Auto Insurance Premiums In Groups

The same can be said for teenage male drivers. While distracted driving is certainly a concern for all auto insurance companies, teen drivers are less likely to lose control when an unforeseen object appears on the road. Statistics show that among accidents related to distractions such as cell phone use, male teen drivers can sometimes become too engrossed in the conversation and lose sight of the road.

However, texting while driving carries the same weight of distraction, as your eyes temporarily deviate from the driving path and toward your cell phone. this is one of the reasons so many states have banned texting while driving.

young male drivers rarely participate in defensive driving courses

Unless issued by the courts, young male drivers are less likely to enter into a defensive driving course. This means they will not have the advantage of learning certain defensive mechanisms taught by the instructors of these programs.Why Young Males Pay The Most Expensive Auto Insurance Premiums on Bicycles

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Since inexperience is one of the main reasons for minor collisions and major accidents, it is essential that more young men begin to take these types of courses seriously. in just a few hours, they can learn the rules of the road hands-on, without having to go through any of the challenges on the open road.

Pedestrians are the main focus in some of these types of courses because young drivers tend to forget or quite possibly never really understand the rules of the road as they pertain to non-drivers. they rarely give way, not realizing they have the right of way and this goes for bicyclists as well.

It is extremely important that young drivers understand the importance of sharing the road with bicyclists. They also need to understand hand signals, because bikers don’t have turn signals or horns.

they often buy sports cars

Young male drivers are also the top buyers or recipients of sports cars. car insurance companies charge more for these types of vehicles and when additional modifications come into play, rates can increase even more.

Instead of buying a sleek and fast vehicle, parents should look for an older sedan model with expanded safety features. young drivers need reliable transportation during their first few years of driving, but they also need to be safe.

When the time comes to pay a visit to the local car insurance agent, one of the first questions will be regarding the type of vehicle they drive. If you plan to buy a sports car, be prepared to spend at least twice as much than you would if the vehicle was a sedan or compact car.Why Young Males Pay The Most Expensive Auto Insurance Premiums On Sportscars

Young male drivers have the ability to control their rates if they make smart decisions and begin to recognize that driving is a privilege that can be easily taken away if laws are not obeyed. Just because you passed your road test and got a driver’s license doesn’t mean you don’t have a world of knowledge to attain. make sure they understand that the vehicle they are driving is not a toy.

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